Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Plaster Easter Baskets

Easter comes early this year, doesn't it? This weekend! But I still wanted to share a simple project that I created for gift giving. I started with two traditional Easter basket from the dollar store, in traditional shapes and colors. I wanted to try a softer pallet this year.

I discovered 'plaster cloth' a few years ago while reading Kelly Rae Roberts Taking Flight. It is typically used for scenery and masks, but it's uses are endless....Kelly uses it in one of her collages, covering a Styrofoam heart. You can find it in the hobby/train section at Michael's (be sure to use a coupon). I wondered what it would look like covering other things....

The cloth cuts very easily, and I used about 3 inch pieces, dipping in water and laying it on the basket. It is a messy (yet fun) process. I covered the entire basket and let it dry overnight. It took a full package for both baskets

The next day, some of the color had bled through from the basket, I just painted a coat of white craft paint....luckily that worked.

I haven't bought any candy yet, but I filled them with glittered eggs for the time being. You can see the cabbage basket I made in the other one (click HERE to see how to make them)

I like how you can still see the woven look of the basket, and they almost have a paper mache look. A great alternative to a typical Easter basket. I think these would be great if you were into the shabby look, perfect for that...but I do like the soft colors with it.

I glittered some plastic eggs, love the sugary look.

So I'm happy to report, plaster cloth works on at least one more different surface, I wonder what else I can try it on!!


  1. Great stuff. I have to give this a try! Cherry Kay

  2. Hi Michelle: Your baskets turned out really good. I like that look, and I love your little glittery eggs. Did you just spray paint and roll in glitter? Happy Wednesday..Judy

  3. These are adorable!

  4. Judy, for the eggs, I just used a coat of Mod Podge and rolled in iridescent glitter...the color of the plastic egg just shows through.

  5. So cute!!! I've made the plaster doilies and plaster art work...but never made plaster eater baskets! Adorable:)

  6. Very cute again. I love the glittered eggs too. Have a blessed Easter!

  7. Very interesting!
    I love this post ^^

  8. Oh, I love these! I am going to go try and find the plaster cloth. Genius you are!

  9. Thank you for sharing this...I've never heard of plaster cloth.... very interesting item.


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