Wednesday, May 9, 2012

My Booth Space (Beautiful Vanity!)

I Finally got this beauty in my space! When I found this beautiful vanity, all it needed was a little cleaning and TLC. I also fitted it with a combination of new and old hardware (it was knobless when I found it). I went to the Habitat For Humanity Restore in Joplin to see if I could find something suitable yet old...they have a good selection of used hardware....anyway, I didn't find any knobs that I liked, but I found some little decorative back plates. I used on the lower drawers. Luckily, I was able to bend them a little to conform to the shape of the drawer. The knobs, however, are new. I found them at Lowe's and thought they worked really well with the style of the vanity and went right along with  the old back plates too. Like it was meant to be. 
The mirror is in perfect shape (and a huge 48 inches!), which is great considering how old it is. I styled it up with some girly-girl accessories......
...then moved on to revamping everything else. Since we are approaching Summer, I thought some red and blue was in order. That fabric I have hung over the mirror was another great find. It's very "Americana" and I can see someone getting very creative with it. Can you see the eagle in it?

I also brought in a shelf to sit behind the drop leaf table for some height and filled it with glassware (a real weakness of mine, can you tell? :) and dinnerware.

Some sewing machine drawers are always fun to have in the mix too.
I'm working on a couple of lamp makeovers that I hope to get finished for the booth this week. I'll be showing you those later.
One last look at such a beautiful piece.....I wonder how long it will last.


  1. That vanity is beautiful. My girlfriend had one like it when I was a teenager and we'd sit at it and put our makeup on and I was so jealous. I wanted the vanity for my own. Your booth looks great!! I bet the vanity goes fast.

  2. Gorgeous. If I had room for it & if I lived close by, I would buy it up quickly. Great job on the booth.

  3. Your booth looks great--but the shining star is that vanity. It is gorgeous!

  4. LOVE it. The knobs are perfect.

  5. Hi Michelle: The vanity is beautiful and I think the knobs are a perfect match. I'm sure something that special won't last long in the shop..Happy Mother's Day..Judy

  6. I love the vanity, but I love the glass ware even more. I have the same weakness it seems.

  7. Gorgeous piece! Didn't know Joplin has a Restore. I need to add it to my list of stops on my next trip over there!

  8. It's gorgeous! Enjoy the lovely weekend, Kellie xx

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