Thursday, December 6, 2012

Acorn Cap Wreath (A Tutorial)

 Remember a few years back when I made an Acorn Cap Ornament? Check out tutorial HERE. Well, for some reason, this year, I thought it would be a good idea to do a wreath in the same fashion. My friends, what was I thinking? My hands are still aching...this craft is not for the faint of heart. You've got to really make a {craft}commitment and get 'er done.
First things first, harvest a bazillion acorn caps. I grabbed a Walmart bag and Logan and I picked up a ton of caps. Just to make sure there are no little critters, heat the oven up to 200 degrees and leave them in there about an hour then let them cool.

 Pick out what sort of wreath you'd like (size and whatnot), just make sure it's a hard Styrofoam type. Paint the wreath in Burnt Umber craft paint so the green doesn't show in between the caps.
 Begin the process of pushing the caps into the foam wreath. Have a hot glue gun handy for the ones that are wanting to fall out...but most stay pretty well.
 Do a staggered pattern, but it does not have to be perfect.
 Once the  wreath is filled, you can certainly leave it as is, but I wanted to have a little glitter (like the ornament), I just like the added sparkle.
 I used some chocolate satin ribbon to hang it over a mirror...but you could use any color/style ribbon you'd like.
(check out my hair growth!!!)

 The one thing that I should have done is paint the back of the wreath in burnt umber, especially since I hung it over a mirror...
 But other than that, I think it was worth the effort. I like it mixed with the cedar garland, mirror and sconces.

Now, I've got to get that tree done!!! :)

Joining Kate


  1. So gorgeous! My daughter has two of those large sconces that she wasn't sure how to use. Bought them to go on the sides of her new bed that had a big headboard, but when the bed came it was so large that there wasn't room between headboard and windows on both sides. This is a great way she might still be able to use them.

    This fall I collected LOTS of acorn caps from her driveway and made your ball ornaments, but every time I got one done someone came over and I gave it away. After four ornaments, I still don't have one for us! You are such a blessing.

    Love the hair coming back. I have a friend who had pretty straight hair be fore chemo, but it came back really curly! After about a year it's gone back to what he had originally, but it's been fun. Hope yours brings you joy too!

  2. Beautiful Michelle!!

  3. Love, love this......thanks! I hope you are having a good day!

  4. Michelle,

    Love your wreath, mirror and pretty!

  5. What a great idea! I can't imagine how long it took to do all those little caps. But I totally love the look!

  6. This is wonderful! Fall or winter!

  7. Michelle,love your acorn wreath. I's there anyway that i can pin this to pinterest? Hope your feeling better today....thanks for sharing...Pat

  8. That acorn wreath is awesome! What a lot of work! But I guess it would cost a fortune if you had to buy it. Really classy looking :) Your hair is looking good :) Cannot wait to see your tree. I finally got mine done last night. Happy Holidays!

  9. Hi Michelle, Love the natural look of the wreath! Wish I had enough acorns and patience to make it. I did make your altered bottles and love, love, love how they came out. My friends are all asking for one. Hope you are feeling well and enjoying the Christmas season.

  10. Michelle, your tutorials are so nice and helpful. Your photos are beautiful. Happy Holidays to you!

  11. thank you for this! It will be quite the hunt to find so many acorn caps but I just wanted to tell you how pretty this is. You are so kind to share your instructions.

  12. Michelle
    I just found your beautiful blog through a Pinterest pin! As I type this, I've spent the last 20 mins or so scrolling through your posts and I can't stop. Love your style and your home is to die for! I noticed the garland you used on the mirror has been in many 'Bloggy' homes in the last few years. I just love the look of this garland, it's so "drapey" {yes, I make up my own discriptive words!} Would you be willing to share the source and name etc. of this garland?
    Now back to scrolling~~~ :)

    1. Hi Kim, thank you very much! I have had that cedar garland now for about 10 years. I know the company is Allstate Floral, but I doubt they carry the exact one-sorry!


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