Monday, September 9, 2013

New Fall Wreaths!

I spent a few hours in my studio this weekend and some fall wreaths happened. ;) It's been a while since I have felt up to designing, but fall always gets me inspired, so I ran with it.

You'll nearly always find a lotus pod or pine cones in my designs, no matter the season-two of my favorite elements.

Aside from plaid ribbon that is! This ribbon is a favorite and I already know I should have bought more.

But on the other hand, sometimes I don't use ribbon at all (yep, I'm a Gemini). I try to do different styles and this free form is probably the hardest for me....but once it happens, I end up really loving the result. The trick is not to think about it too much. Concentrate on line and texture and of course composition. This one sold late last night, so it will be going to it's new home this week.

Oh and sunflowers, how I love them too!
Studio time makes me happy. Are you getting ready for fall?

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I am almost done with my weekly trips to Houston, this week is it then they move to every other week-provided everything is still going well. Taking the trial medicine has been OK! I have been extremely tired which is my biggest frustration (what's new) and I've started noticing some abdomen pain (probably from the cancer itself) and joint pain recently. I'll be telling the doctors about it this week. Thank you all for the continued support and prayers!



  1. Michelle, these are simply stunning! Pinned all 3 of them! You are so talented!
    Kim @ Sand & Sisal

  2. Hi Michelle, just wanted to say hello, and invite you to come link up your wonderful Fall wreaths over here at The Marketplace. I have your blog on my sidebar and try to keep up with you. I live in Springfield, so we're closeby. I admire you so much in your positive attitude and determination. I have health issues as well, and i know first hand how hard it can be. just know you're in my prayers. xoxo Debra

  3. as always, your wreaths are gorgeous michelle! wishing you all the best with your continued treatment.

  4. glad to see you're working on some wreaths! They are beautiful! prayers and hugs.

  5. Beautiful wreaths. I have been doing the sae thing:) I love sunflowers and plaid ribbon too:)

  6. Love your work! You are so very talented.

    I keep you in my prayers and hope and pray the doctors are able to help you!

    from Virginia

  7. Your wreaths are just beautiful! I am not a fan of Fall, being such a lover of pastels, but these wreaths could change my mind. You did a great job. Continuing to pray for you everyday!

  8. All of your creations are so beautiful! The colors make my heart sing! TFS!!!

  9. All of your creations are so beautiful! The colors make my heart sing! TFS!!!

  10. I LOVE the free form wreath and am not surprised to read that it sold already! You mentioned your studio. Maybe you have in the past but would you tell us about your studio space sometime? Even just a pic or two? Right now my stuff is in a jumble and I have no dedicated work area because we moved and have been remodeling ever since. I need inspiration! If you have already posted about your studio, could you point me to that page? I continually pray for your healing. Peace!

  11. Keeping you & your family in my thoughts and prayers. Your positive attitude is such an inspiration. It's no surprise that you're able to make things as beautiful as these wreaths.

  12. I love Fall and love your wreaths. I randomly came across your blog and so glad I did. I love your designs and style. I have a blog as well and live in the Kansas City area. My son is going to Webb City for a band competition this Fall :) Praying that you are feeling better and for your healing.

  13. Happened upon your blog from another and am so pleasantly pleased. Your designs and projects are truly inspiring. May God continue to bless you and yours and prayers offered up for your recovery.

  14. Michelle your wreaths are just breathtaking. As always keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.
    XO Barbara

  15. I just found your blog from a tablescape from 2009! Your work is absolutely beautiful. Then I went on to read what you are going through, my heart goes out to you. I will keep you in my prayers and hope that you are feeling better. You are have a wonderful talent and I am lucky to have tripped over your beautiful blog!


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