Monday, June 29, 2009

Three or More Tuesday!

Welcome Bloggers to Three or More Tuesday! This fun event is hosted by Tam at The Gypsy's Corner, be sure to visit everyone!

I haven't participated for a while, but this week I'm highlighting my collection of wall clocks. I display them in my kitchen, mostly because I have sort of a retro coffee shop vibe. I tend to like the black and white kind, but I've thrown in some silver and chrome too.

Just for fun and no one really notices, but I have 2 of them set to the time of birth of my sons.

This is one:

This is the other:

This is my favorite...

2nd favorite...:)

Coming in @ 3rd...!

This one is a gift from my dear MIL! How fun is this?

Thank you for visiting me! Have a great Tuesday!

Thanks again Tam, for hosting!



  1. Love your clock collection. Somehow I am attracted to clocks too....Christine

  2. Thanks for coming by RockCandy. Love the idea of setting the time to birth of your kids. And MIL gave a really cool one, I too, hang around with my MIL. We are in a ukulele band together and she taught me to hula. We have a lot of fun with our music.
    Enjoyed viewing your last tablescape with the green apples. Great color combination.

    See ya around blogland,

  3. Thats quite a collection and setting the time to the birth of your kids will help to recall those precious memories.

  4. I just wish I had one of those clocks. Does this mean that you are always on time???!!!
    Thanks for stopping by BCH.

  5. Wonderful clocks. The coffee one is great!

  6. Nice clocks, I love the graphic nature of them, especially as a group. How sweet the time is set to special moments. I love that!

  7. Hi Michelle,
    What a clever idea, and SO sweet that you have clocks set to honor the birth of your sons! Lucky boys....

    Thanks for the comment on Affordable Accoutrements today. See you again soon I hope!

  8. Oh I love all your clocks. They are all wonderful. Just such fun and I love to look at clocks. Hugs, Marty

  9. Hi Michelle, I love your clocks. My husband is a clock nut. I will have to show him these.


  10. I love clocks. But how does anyone really know what time it is if all your clocks are set to different times?

  11. i LOVE the detail about how the time is set on 2 clocks. very sweet!


  12. LOVE your clocks! And that you have some set to special times -- that's so charming!

  13. Your clock collection is great. I love the one from MIL.

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  14. Neat collection! It's so sweet to set the two to the time of birth of your sons. Strangely, whenever I glance at a clock and it says 10:07 or 12:09, a little bell goes off in my head that this was the time of my 2 daughter's births (and the end of my pain! LOL)

    Happy TOMT Michelle!!


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