Sunday, June 21, 2009

Lemon Slice Arrangement

Hi everyone and welcome to another Met Monday! Thank you Susan for hosting! Please visit Susan and all of the talented Morphers over at the porch!
Do you remember this arrangement? I used it for the centerpiece of my Citrus Sorbet tablescape a couple of weeks ago. It was pretty tall and airy, the kind of work I usually do...but I was inspired to try something a little different. So for this Met Monday I wanted to morph a sizable arrangement into a low, roundie, moundie (yes, I do make up my own words!:)

I've had these cylinder vases, you've seen them before too...

I nested the smaller vase into the larger one like this:

It created a "pocket", for lack of better word, of 1/2" or so.
And then guess what? I found artificial lemon slices!!! I had not seen these before, and you'll never believe where I got them! Joann's Fabric and crafts, I know, right?
It took six bags; a total of 26 slices, and they were only $3.99, and I used a coupon too! Now this may have been my imagination....but I swear they smelled lemony! :)

I filled the vase up with the lemon slices all the way to the top.....

Like this:

I took apart the big arrangement and did some cutting and made a lower centerpiece
Here it is! I'm still enamored with yellow and orange, even though I had a hard time putting away the turquoise from last Thursday, I love that color pallet too...things don't stay the same around here for taste ebb and flow like the tides!
This is perfect for summer...I think I'll keep it around for a while (maybe:)Thanks for visiting, and thanks again Susan!

Happy Metamorphosis Monday! Michelle


  1. That's clever! What a fantastic centerpiece!

  2. Pretty ! Thanks for the tutorial !
    Hugs ~ Kammy

  3. I love this idea, it makes the layering thing so easy, thanks for sharing. . .I might have to borrow your idea sometime soon!

  4. Now this is something I've never seen before~ I LOVE IT!! Thanks for sharing! :-) Laura

  5. I love this project, now something else to find - lemon slices

  6. Beautiful, and the lemon slices between the vases are so creative. You've got my brain turning...which usually doesn't happen this early in the morning!

  7. That is stinkin' adorable! What a great idea with the lemons! Kudos for sure!

  8. Thanks for visiting my Irish blog.

    Love how you used the 2 vases, and those lemon slices were such a bargain!

  9. I love the lemons - this is so beautiful!
    thanks for telling me about your dog - lucky you to live in Italy!!!
    yes, sometimes too many comments! hard to answer them all. I try though.

  10. I love it! And I can smell the lemons too. Or is it just my imagination? I wish I could do floral arranging. Thanks for visiting my blog & leaving me a comment.

  11. I've ALWAYS been enamored of yellow and orange together! And I love this idea!

  12. Oh, Michelle! You are the smartest and most creative one! I love this look! Love how you stationed the smaller vase for the flowers and put in the slices! OH, it's beautiful and so summery! Wonderful job!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :0

  13. Okay, I am heading out tomorrow to Joanne's. Love Love these slices. I have to save this post because you have really done something very special here in the colors that I love. Good grief, you are talented!

  14. I am just going crazy!!! Faux lemon slices. I need some of those!

  15. Hello Michelle - I love your flower arrangement! Using the vases with the lemons is so creative.


  16. Your roundie moundie arrangement is really pretty :-) And I love your idea of putting lemon slices between the two bowls -- it's such a great look, and very creative :-)

    Now I have to go read your post from last Thursday to see what turquoise you had going on -- I love turquoise!! :-)

    Thanks for checking out my sunburst mirror project and for the kind comments :-)

    Kelly @ DesignTies

  17. This is so pretty and you can do it with so many other things!


  18. OK Smartie Pants! When are you going to teach me
    floral arranging. You are great. And look at all the COMMENTS! You are a designer diva goddess.


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