Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hooked on Daisy!

Welcome to another edition of "Hooked On Friday" Thank you Julia for hosting! Be sure to visit her and all the other participants!

I would like to introduce you to Daisy...she is what I'm hooked on (the whole family is!) Daisy is a rescue animal that we've had about a 1 1/2 years now. She was very skinny and pitiful when we got her (notice this in some of the pictures.)I have never met a dog like Daisy, she is calm, serene and quiet, she takes a lot of abuse from my 3 year know the standard: pulling of ears and tail and just generally squeezing her...she doesn't seem to mind...
(This is right after we got her)

She has funny habits too that make us laugh...I know this sounds weird...but she is a "stander" She kinda stands around...not all the time, but you'll walk around the corner and she'll be standing there...
My eldest son and her are 2 peas in a pod, they are found together most often...when she finally does lounge; it's with him. Isn't she cute?
Daisy smelling the roses!
We are hooked on Daisy!
Thank you for visiting! Are you hooked on a dog too?

Thanks again to Julia for hosting!


  1. So nice to meet you, Daisy. I am hooked on your big soulful eyes.
    I could easily get hooked on a dog, sadly Beloved Husband doesn't agree. But, since I'm not sure I can commit to 2 long walks a day, I'll settle for getting gooey about other people's canines.
    Hope to see more of Daisy!

  2. Daisy is a doll!
    My husband loves beagles so I gave him the nickname Snoops…after Snoopy. It is hard to believe this was a rescues pup, but there are so many she is lucky you adopted her. We (my daughter) has a rescues cat that is a wonderful pet. I spoil him rotten when I visit, but that is why I am his favorite! Cathy

  3. What a cutie!! Love the name Daisy for a dog, too. Thanks for joining my blog party today -- hope you have a great weekend! :-)

  4. Oh how sweet! I became a first time dog owner about the same time you got Daisy ... and I am hooked on my dog too!

  5. Awwwww, Daisy is a cutie!!! And so great that you adopted her from a shelter. I love it when people save a great dog that deserves a second chance at a happy life. Our three dogs are rescues, and they're all great dogs. With their own special little quirks, of course!!

    One of our dogs is sometimes a stander too. Once she stood up in the car all the way from Ottawa to Toronto -- a 4+ hour drive!!

    Thanks for popping by our blog and checking out my post about turquoise. I'd love to see a Chihuly chandelier in person -- it's such a unique and interesting design :-)

    Give Daisy a scratch behind the ear for me :-)


  6. She's incredible! We rescued our cat...I love that you are posting her...good luck to you and I really hope you find her a great home.

  7. Daisy is precious!! We have a male beagle, Jack, and he cracks me up too. They love their people and pick a fav in the you say for us too it is the oldest boy who we got him for. Jack is 4 now and Jake, our 11 yr old son, prayed for 6 months, twice a day for a beagle or dauchsan puppy and daddy finally relented.


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