Thursday, August 13, 2009

Homework and Vintage Postcards

Hello friends!

I am a follower and an avid reader of
Marley and Lockyer and when Ness assigned a little homework to her readers-I was ready.
Bonus: She's having a give away !

She asked her readers to take a stale area in your home and put together a display using your favorite things. You can read about it

I used just things from around the house, nothing is new, you've probably seen all of this already...sorry...don't worry I'll probably go shopping soon! ;)

I have had this collection of old postcards for ages now, I sorta hoard them like if I handle them too much they go up in a puff of smoke...but they are in terrific condition and this is my favorite one:

Hyeres is a town in the southeast of France. The town is often referred to Hyeres Les Palmiers (Palm Tree)

I bought them at an antique shop not really knowing what I was going to do with them, but I just like looking at them, (most of them are European) and reading the stories of the travels of the sender....very much like blogging in a way...reading a little glimpse here and there of people's lives....

I won't give too much away, but this also reveals a project that I've been working on for Met Monday...I'll be showing you the before and afters of a lovely piece...

I just Love these cards...they add such depth and character...I simply leaned a few of the cards on the artwork...

This kind of homework I can handle!
Thank you Ness for getting me cranking!

Even if I don't win Ness' lovely stars, I enjoyed putting this together....

Thank you for visiting...

I'm nearing 100 posts and hope to be having a giveaway of my own...more details will be coming soon...

I hope I have inspired you to freshen up a part of your home...

Update! I just learned I was selected to receive the prize for the giveaway!
(squeal & giggle!)

Stop by again soon!


  1. I adore the subtle coloration and rich textures you've captured so well. Those postcards are delightful' what a find.

    Bon chance ~ I hope you win!

    Can't wait to see your post for Met Monday. :)

  2. Beautiful!
    Congratulations on your upcoming 100th!
    And Congratulations on winning!
    All the best,

  3. I saw you vignette on Marley and Lockyer. Congrats! I love your colors and textures. Great job and YEA on winning the clay tags. I love her tags.

  4. wow - your home is beautiful and so is your photography.

    guess what? i'm approaching my 1st "blogthday" and am having a giveaway. come on by to enter.


  5. Yeah, I just checked over there and saw that! Congratulations! I love your vignette. So natural and inspiring. You are an artist at display.


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