Thursday, July 15, 2010

Finding time

I started this blog some time ago, thinking it would become a great avenue to share ideas, projects and inspiration with anyone willing to read it. I really had no idea what to expect or really how to even run a blog, I just figured I would learn along the way. Initially, I thought I would be posting all about decorating and design, but what it has evolved into is more of a DIY, decor on a dime, arts and crafts, tablescapes, and photography (I am a real camera junkie) blog. I'm kinda squirrely like that. I'm all over the place, Lord knows what I'm going to be posting about next! Thank you for sticking around with me all this time!

What I never intended to do was offend anyone or make anyone feel like I am doing something extraordinary here. I am just a creative girl landlocked in the Midwest, wishing they sold salt air in a bottle, sharing my life with you! That's it! Pure and simple.

I usually don't get super personal on this blog, I mean come on, this is Internet, after all, but maybe I've made a mistake by doing that. Maybe I've created some kind of persona that I live in some kind of 'magazine world', I'm here to tell you friends, that is not the case here. I struggle to keep my head above water, just like the rest of us...

There is nothing like an anonymous comment to really get your mind thinking.

I am not offended by this comment, in fact, I'm not really offended easily, but it did start making me think about what you:the reader, sees of me: Michelle.

Anonymous Asked:


To address the first question, I don't find the time to keep up with everything. If I did, my Etsy Shop would be well stocked, all the laundry would be folded, my flower bed would be weeded, and my legs would be shaven, I could go on and on. But such is life, I try to do as many things as I can, to the best of my ability.

Thank God, I do have a supportive, loving, handy husband, who puts up with me, oh and doesn't mind cooking, and I thank God for him everyday. Without him, or his family for that matter, well, I don't know what I would do. Unfortunately, I was born without the cooking gene, so that part I never really did, or didn't do. He knew that before we got married.

And then there is the question of whether or not I get a "big head over this?" That is the part that I'm a little perplexed about. I am left scratching my head and wondering...a big head over what? That I enjoy being behind the lens, that I enjoy crafting and painting and creating? I would hope that you come to my site it enjoy all those things with me, not that I am dangling it in front of you saying " See what I can do and you can't", that was never my intention. I always felt like I am saying "If I can do it, so can you!" I would never want to make someone feel bad about themselves, I only wanted to offer encouragement and inspiration. I always thought that was the beauty of this online community, to share with like-minded people. So If I have made anyone feel in any way bad, please forgive me. That is never my intention at all.

So Anonymous, Thank you. Thanks for making me take a step back and evaluate my blog.

A few things are going on around here, I haven't posted in over a week...I've been revamping the fireplace. Hope you come back to see the reveal!

I do appreciate all your emails, comments and visits, thank you so much! I love reading what you have to say and think. I hope you continue to come by and see what is happening, I know I love visiting all of you! Thanks for stopping by !


  1. Michelle- I love both you and your blog. Please don't change a thing. You have such great ideas and a great talent. I look forward to your future projects :)

  2. Some people have a nerve! i love reading your blog, you have a real talent and there is nothing more fun than sharing the things that you love (all over the world, this email is coming from Holland) with people that share the same interests.
    that comment said more about the person that wrote it than about the at the recieving end... You have nothing to appologise for
    Keep up the great blog!

  3. Wow. Your response is to the comment is so poignant and says alot about you. Beautiful post.

  4. Wow. Sounds like someone has a complex. I think it's a complex we all have a times when we compare what we have accomplished to others. That's a mistake. I agree we are here to share and inspire what we can. If only we could all spend our time encouraging rather than making negative comments (even though they speak more of the author's inadequacies than what they find wrong with the host)we'd get a lot more accomplished for ourselves. Your response was wonderful - but I've never had the impression implied by anonymous. Don't change a thing!

  5. I've missed you! I love your blog. Please don't change a thing. I have been inspired by many things you have posted and am in the process of trying a few projects.

  6. Hopefully "Anonymus" will read this and choose her words more carefully....I was under the impression we ALL have blogs to share, inspire, and encourage each other....Keep your head up, and doing what your doing. You are inspiring!

  7. hi michelle- what a refreshing perspective you have, because i know my gut reaction would have been anger! i have to say i am one of the lucky ones who has a very hands on husband who is involved with the kids and likes to cook. we work as a team and he knows that i need to run my business just like he needs to go to work, so we share the housework (i do the majority since i am home with the kids). i am always shocked when people tell me their husbands come home and expect dinner on the table, and then they go sit down in front of the tv with a beer.... we are a family, we're all in this together, and we make it work. clearly, your family operates as a team as well, and you, too, are one of the lucky ones.

  8. Wow, that's interesting! I had to read it a couple of times and it still doesn't make sense.

    The impression that I've gotten from your blog is that you love making your home beautiful for your family. It's cool that you, hubby and kids do projects together - your sons are going to be awesome husbands someday because of it!! Your kids will go into the world knowing how to do things for themselves, and have had the positive experience of seeing their parents model that work ethic. Alot of kids could sure use more of that these days!!

    None of us are blogging so that we can show our piles of undone laundry, that's for sure, even though we all have them. All of us who are blogging must manage our time well (better than others, it sounds like) and prioritize so that we can get our projects done, and then share our homes and ourselves with our families, friends, and readers of our blogs. It's a sacrifice of personal time, yes, and that's a choice for each one of us. One that we should never have to apologize for!

    Thanks so much for the inspiration you give us all, Michelle. Your blog is one of my very favorites! I always look forward to seeing what great creative project you have thought up, and thinking about how I can try it in my own home. Even our teenage daughter loves to see your projects!

  9. Don't let the Joneses get you down

  10. Hi Michelle! I am really glad I stopped by this morning! Turns out I am a big fan of your blogging style. I love much of the same things you blog about. Short Story to show you a little bit of what your blog has inspired - I had a blog and it was primarily for friends and family that are to far to visit as much as I would like. After about a year and a half of pretty much posting pictures with words that were a little too "copy-cat" of some of my friends blogs, I decided to make a change. Yesterday ( about perfect timing!) I created a blog where I would be able to share my love for photography, trying my hands at crafts, and my opinions. After reading your blog and a few other blogs like it, I thought I can do that... Anyway you can see what you helped to inspire here It is new and still in the making but I am hoping it turns into something as great as your blog!!! Thanks for keeping at it :0)

  11. i am going to assume it was meant as a compliment. period. you are a marvel... a marvel of talent. i think anon is just as enamored as i am with you but put it out there in a way that may be misread i adore your blog, sharing your creativity has been so rewarding for all of us, never feel awkward because you do things well, we ALL RELISH YOU!

  12. I have been in blog land for only a couple of months and yours was 1 of the first I stumbled across. I have gotten many ideas and hope you will continue as is.
    On a second note, I have a few of these people in my life not via blog land and they are the "green" people(with envy). Instead of "doing" they spend their time making others who "do well"(mostly women) feel bad b/c they have exceptional organization, creativity and are generally inspirational. Instead of dropping to their level, it makes us work harder. Not too sound yogi-ish, but positive energy!!!
    Have a great laundry creative day!

  13. First off- people should not leave comments as annonymous- seems a bit cowardly to me. Secondly, it is your blog and a way for you to share do it your way.
    Thirdly, you are doing great. You obviously have a way to prioritize your time to the best and some people get upset that they can't seem to do the same so get bitter.
    And lastly- your blog only needs to stay true to you.

    You are doing great- keep up the great work.

  14. You have a great blog and I enjoy reading it. I read a lot of decorating blogs and none have a "ha ha look what I can do" attitude. They are by creative women(mostly) who enjoy sharing their talents. The poster is one - projecting her (or his) insecurities and two - making your blog about her, not about what you do. Your blog isn't here to point out others' shortcomings, but to share your creativity. And finally (rant ending soon, I promise), this is BLOG WORLD people, not the real world. We are only seeing your blog life, i.e., what you choose to post, not your 24/7 life, which is probably filled with dirty dishes, laundry, errands, chasing after children and just living in general. Anonymous needs to remember that no one's life is as perfect as the pictures appear. Check out for a hilarious take on the families shown in catalogs (PB, Ballard, etc.).
    BTW, I live in Missouri, too, but I'm a native. I love it here, but understand how you miss the salt in the air smell. :)

  15. Michelle,
    I've always enjoyed stopping by your blog for a bit of inspiration! Your photography skills have made me a better photographer... you are very inspiring! I think we all know that we can't do it all, that why God blesses us with spouses, children, family and friends that love us unconditionally! Keep doing what you love and thank you for sharing it with us!
    Dee Dee

  16. Michelle

    I have only recently discovered your blog and love it. Nobody is perfect and we all seek comfort in accepting this. Only a coward would attack anonomously and having fallen victim to such an attack on our family recently I can sympathise with you. It really does make you stand back, breath deeply and evaluate.

    I look forward to seeing the fireplace and all your future posts.

    P.S. Sending some good old sea air from Suffolk, UK !!

  17. I love your blog and I appreciate that you take the time to share your home with us. I get inspired by wht you do for your home, family and you. You are like all of us other bloggers, INSPIRED. I like that you make and take the time to create something beautiful. I don't always have time but that's why I have my favorite blogs like yours. You pep me up to change stuff and create stuff. Thank you.

  18. I will be back and I will always come back as long as you keep blogging. Your ideas are wonderful and we are fortunate enough that you just snap pictures as you do what you would normally do in your home. We are the lucky ones who gain inspiration from your creativity and your obvious desire to create a wonderful and loving home for your family. My blog is some decorating, but mostly a journal for family. To each his own... That is the beauty of blogging and I am so glad that you have yours!

  19. I would not have taken the time to respond to Anonymous. Sounds like the same person who posted on another wonderful blog a month or two ago and completely upset the blogger and almost drove her away from blogging entirely. How you manage your life is certainly not the business of an anonymous blogger.


  20. I know other people have gotten rude comments from an anonymous person and honestly, I think it is the same person going around blogland and leaving those comments. Whoever it is must have very low self esteem and it makes you wonder how THEY have enough time to go a write all the comments.

  21. Michelle, all I can say is I LOVE YOU and I love your blog!! You responded with elegance and tact. You ARE amazing, yet down to earth at the same time. That is why you touch us as your readers!

  22. What I really love is how the nasty comments are always nameless. If someone really wants to question or disagree with me, I respect them so much more if they use their name.

    I've been gone a while dealing with life, so I don't know what you've posted lately that might set someone off. I love your blog, it is a favorite of mine. I think you do a great job of teaching and simply sharing ideas. The joy of blogging is that we all have our strengths and weaknesses. I'm the first to admit that I can't sew a stitch. When I see a blog post where someone created wonderful things with a sewing machine...I don't feel as if it is a put down to me, I know I can't sew...I don't even want to. I'd like to think that because I can cook or set a pretty table, that others can learn from what I post, if they want to...or not. No one forces us to read a blog if we don't want to.

    I certainly wouldn't worry one minute about a nameless comment. No one can do it all and I've never gotten the impression from you that you think you can. Let's just hope that the person who commented simply was having a bad day.

  23. Thisas a cute post, michelle. I get the same question once in a while. I say 'everything in moderation' :) Skip shaving a day or two and create a tablescape! lol! Feeding your creative side makes for a better wife and mom...just as long as everyone has clean socks to wear! ;)

  24. Comments from a jealous-too-much-time-on-my-hands person. I love your blog! Don't change a thing! Don't they know that when it's time to photograph, our messes magically vanish? I'm also glad to find out I wasn't the only female born with the non-cooking gene. Love to all the hubby's who, literally, step up to the plate and feed us! : )

  25. Michelle, this got to me so much that I am leaving a comment for the first time on any blog! I've followed your blog for some time now, and I have never come away with the impression you have a big head because of it! It is definitely an assumption "anonymous" is making because there is no basis for that to be found in this blog. Your ideas are inspirational. As a mother of 3 working part-time with a husband who travels for work, this blog has never once made me feel inadequate, insecure, etc. It's served me a great pleasure of wonderful ideas and simply beautiful pictures. Please don't let this comment do anything other than what you've already done--merely reflect on your blogging style (which I LOVE!). I know you would say the same if someone else had received this comment--this person has her own insecurities, anger, whatever, and is simply spewing it at other people. We love you!

  26. Michelle Ive only just recently discovered your blog, but loved it enough to add you to my sidebar. Negative comments sometimes do make us step back an evaluate ourselves, but its the author of such comments who needs the evaluation. Im the mother of 5 children and I have a great husband. He is in law enforcement and had another job as well plus coaches football. We all have things that we must do and things we love to do. Ive recently discovered blogging and I love it. He understands that it relieves stress for me and allows me an outlet. You shouldnt have to explain yourself to anyone. Its your time, family and you live it anyway you want. Please continue to share your fabulous ideas the same way you have been. -Melanie

  27. Michelle, I'm so sorry that you were subject to such cruel and intentionally hurtful comments by someone who is petty, insecure and chicken. anonymous comments of such a nature are in themselves a sign of how uncharitable that person is. I love your blog, it's like mine, all over the place because we as people grow daily and as a side to that so do our blogs. Your blog is you and if people have issues they can choose not to follow or not to visit. I for one love your blog. I've gotten some really great ideas and have made them. We all juggle things and I too don't share the laundry room, the pile of clothes on the floor, the dust bunnies, dishes in the sink or a work room that looks like a tornado ran through it. You stick with what you are doing - it works.. let anonymous find another victim (oh I hope not!)

  28. I have your blog bookmarked as a site I love to visit for home decor inspiration. Right now it's a Saturday morning and I'm sitting here with my cup of coffee, wondering if and how I can incorporate your fantabulous ideas into my world. Please don't let a snarky, cowardly ANONYMOUS comment take any of the joy out of what you do. And please don't let it prevent you from sharing it with the rest of us who love your home decorating ideas and adventures!!!

  29. Hmmm,
    I spent all my life always trying to make everything perfect. The dishes had to be done, laundry folded, beds made, floors swept, rugs vacumed, furniture dusted...and then you came along. You have taught me that life can be enjoyed. I just wish I had met you sooner, I would have spent more time enjoying my son when he was at home, enjoying my hobbies, living.... but better later than never. Now I have dogs in the house, spend every minute I can with my grandsons, and work around the house if and when I feel like it. I'm not creative like you, but I have learned from you how to make attempts at it! I love you and I don't care what "annonymous" says, you know what is important. Live your dreams, love your family, enjoy life.

  30. Interestingly there's some demographic background (education, age, etc.) I once read on people that write in all caps. (And annoyingly I can't seem to find it now.) But let's just say that it's not only the internet equivalent of shouting it's also a sign that the people either are writing in haste, that they don't realize how comments work, or they have some socialization problems in their own lives such that what they're responding to doesn't have as much to do with your reality as their own troubles. But I think it's wonderful how you took this one unknown person's venting/ranting and turned it into something positive. That's the best way to deal with it, and good for you.


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