Friday, February 8, 2013

A Fresh Look For The Booth

After Christmas, I packed up what little bit of Christmas things I had left and moved some things around in my booth. I added some new things and tried to accomplish a fresh, bright Spring look. I moved in the freshly painted dresser (see HERE if you missed the 'before') and moved other pieces around.

Remember this is only a 10X10 space so it's not a whole lot to share...but I moved the chalkboard doors over to the left hand side and flatten them up behind the dresser to hide as much of the pegboard as possible. For now, I've got artwork and plates hanging versus chalk art. It might look a little weird in the pictures having black on black, but in real life it doesn't look too bad. The dresser is high gloss and I really like it against the matte black of the chalkboard paint. I ordered in some huge purple snowballs and put together a giant arrangement.

I bought another bi fold door at the Restore store in Joplin and decided these would be perfect in the color of the year. Here the door is before I painted and took it apart:

I took each panel and painted it in a beautiful emerald (Emerald Lake from Behr) and set them on either side of the chalkboard doors

I hung some funky sconces on them too. I love the added are you liking the color of the year? I might bring a little bit of it in the house here and there, but much like here at the booth, just as an accent.
This cabinet is from the Restore's a nice tall narrow cabinet. It was pretty beat up  and a coat of paint was a sure fire way to liven it up. I have it priced, but it's really more for display. The before with doors closed:
...before with the doors open:
...and finally in place all painted. All black with teal inside. I really wanted the milk glass to pop off that blue. Keegan and I moved the walnut buffet over to the right side of the booth (it was along the back) and put the cabinet on top.

I'll be adding more things soon and I'll take even more pictures. Hope you've enjoyed my little booth space so far!
I have chemo again on Monday (boo) so I'll be away for a little while until I recuperate again. I'm itching to do a mantlescape at my house so hopefully I can get that done, it's pretty bare right now, for me anyhow!! Talk to you soon!


  1. Just beautiful Michelle! I was so happy to see your post...I know it has been a while. Love that black cabinet with the teal inside...such a stunning combination.
    Wishing you much luck with your next round of chemo, and as always, keeping you in my prayers.
    XO Barbara

  2. Your booth looks beautiful, love the emerald and really love that little cabinet with inside painted teal, makes the milk glass pop!

  3. Love the cabinet from the Restore. Great find! The booth looks great.

  4. Glad to see you doing what you love. I love that black with teal. I have a Martha Stewart hutch that is black with a white inside I just may paint the inside. I guess I can always paint it white if I don't like it. Praying for you my friend. Enjoy your weekend with your family. See you soon! (((HUGS)))

  5. The booth looks great and I love the colour combo on the cabinet! Take care!

  6. All those strong colors look so fabulous. I noticed you have what looks to be an old brass lamp in that last picture. Have you ever painted one of those with chalk paint?

  7. So happy to see you back in blog land Michelle. I think your space looks fabulous. I love the snowball arrangement. I think your hair looks so cute now!! I hope you have much luck with your treatment Xo

  8. Your booth looks beautiful. It sure would draw me right in. I hope you sell everything!! XO, pinky

  9. I love every inch! It looks amazing! Take care.

  10. Hoping this round will be a little easier to stomach than the last, and that you are stocked up on that coconut water!


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  12. I would love to see your booth in person! It's just beautiful.


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