Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wildflowers & Pfaltzgraff

Is it Tablescape Thursday? Already?

OK then...visit with Susan and all the dishoholics at Between Naps On The know who you are!

4th of July weekend went a little differently than I thought...but I still wanted to share a couple of pictures...

Strawberries and shortcake...Yummy!

Which leads me to this weeks tablescape, which is at my dear MIL's house...she would never admit to being a dishaholic, but I know she is....It's ok're among friends here!

She has a lot of fun dishes to play with, so while she was at work, I played with her "Weir in your Kitchen" pattern from Pfaltzgraff.

Joanne Weir is an award winning author and chef that designed her own dinnerware and bakeware.

Three colors are in the collection:Fennel (yellow), Chicory (blue), and Cayenne (red). Elaine bought a mixture of all colors and I love that! Talk about verstile!

I bought the Wakefield placemats for her, this company does a lot of different linens including bedding! It's a beautiful mixture of all the colors of Elaine's dinnerware.

The "climbing Rose" silverware belonged to Elaine's great aunt Kay, very beautiful!

A beautiful pewter pitcher

Elaine's everyday glassware

Egg cups, a family heirloom, I think they are adorable!

I love this dinnerware, it has an embossed flourish on every piece, and most pieces on the front and the back...

Now you may notice that I don't have all my normal "fluffy" stuff, I brought nothing to Elaine's house, I used what she had on hand at her house.

Salt and Pepper shakers, another family heirloom

For a centerpiece, I was stumped. I ran all over the house looking for something...

What I found was a collection of old bottles given to Elaine by her Mother....ok...*thinking*

I head outside to cut some wildflowers and grass from the pasture, used some crystal hurricanes...I think that did the trick!

Thanks Elaine for letting me play with your dishes...don't worry Elaine, I put everything back in place! :)

Thanks to Susan as well for hosting another fun Tablescape Thursday!

Thanks for visiting me


  1. Oh what fun! Playing with somebody elses dishes! Great job and I do love the flowers -- very pretty.

  2. Well, the flowers are such a great, cute idea.
    Really pretty.

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! the blue and yellow are perfect and the little jar with daisies are so refreshing. It's just so inviting.

    Happy Thursday!

  4. Michelle! Those top two pictures are so colorful and fun... looks like someone loved the shortcake! LOL!

    And speaking of fun, how fun that you got to play with your MIL's dishes, and the table looks great! Love her stuff! Maybe I'll see if Mom will let me play with hers. Girl, you started something here! Great job on the table.

    Happy TT!


    Sheila :-)

  5. Love the colours you put together and who would have thought the grasses would add the "punch" that it does. My favourite part is the centerpiece you created out of something so simple!

    Dining Delight

  6. Your MIL's dishes are lovely! You got her the perfect placemats! Love the centerpiece filled with the little bottles and the daisies! Too clever!

    Thanks for sharing!


  7. Michelle, How fun was that!!!! Walk in and play with Mil's dishes, like a kid in a candy store I bet!!! Your gift placemats are beautiful, loved the egg cups and salt and pepper shakers. The dishes ....lovely, oooohhhh, loved those. Great job on the centerpiece too. xoxo~Kathy~ @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  8. Very pretty! I love all the little flowers in the vases. The colors were great!

  9. Love the centerpiece! My mantel is sporting the same type of thing! So simple and stunning! Thanks so much for sharing!

  10. Michelle.. IT's Darling!! Love those lil vintage bottles filled with the wildflowers as if the dinnerware wasn't perfect enough those lil wildflowers just pushed it way over the top. LOVE IT!

  11. I think it is just as charming as can be. I bet it was fun to play dress up the table with your friend's things! Adorable!

  12. You amaze me, Michelle! I'm in awe of certain outsider artists who don't fret over having the rarest pigments, the most expensive kolinsky sable brushes, the flavor-of-the-month imported handmade papers --- they just use what's available; they EXPRESS themselves; they CREATE unique, imaginative works of art. That's what you do ... in every post. Count me among your many admirers, OK?

    I don't mean your dear MIL doesn't have beautiful things represented here -- she does! I WANT those salt and pepper shakers!!!

    The wildflowers are the perfect finishing touch ... kudos, Kid!


  13. Job well done. That is a sign of a true tablescaper to take found items and turn them into such a nice tablescape.

  14. Those placemats are great and I love all the little bottles with the daisies!! Fabulous!!

  15. Great fun. Always good to have another dishaholic on board. - The Tablescaper

  16. Michelle, I love all of your MIL's dishes, glasses, just everything is beautiful, especially all the very tasteful red, white and blue decor. The table looks inviting and friendly, and I'm sure the people are as well. I felt like I was visiting "down home" and enjoying the meal with y'all!

  17. I love the color combination. I hope you let her see it before you really put it back! It's just lovely.

  18. Elaine should wish that you hadn't put everything back in its place. Those placemats are perfect with her dishes.

  19. O, everything looks just perfect. Love the dishes and mats and the little flowers in the bottles are just beautiful. Great job...

  20. Hi Michelle, your table is fresh and pretty. Just a delight!

    I love the placemats.


  21. I have never seen this pattern of Pfaltzgraph, but it is absolutely gorgeous. How fun to have a mix of the colors. Your tablescape is just gorgeous. I love the placemats, they are so pretty and I love the round shape. Very clever to use all the bottle and hurricanes for the centerpiece. It all looks so pretty. Beautifully done. Hugs, Marty

  22. I love this dish pattern and the mix of colors. I look at them every time I get a Pfaltzgraff catalog. And how fun to do a tablescape with someone else's dishes!

  23. What a beautiful tablescape! I love the placemats and dishes.


  24. You did an incredible job and I bet your MIL loved it too. The little glass jars are such a cute idea! I can't wait to see what you come up with next. Blessings to you!

  25. What an enchanting table. How kind of your MIL to let you play with her Love the little guy eating strawberries.. Happy Tablescape Thursday...hugs ~lynne~

  26. Fun photos of your pretty tablescape. Thanks for sharing your creativity with me.

  27. What a warm and cozy tablescape. The salt and pepper and egg cups are just adorable. The strawberry shortcake looks super yummy. Happy Tablescape Thursday! Amy :)

  28. Love the use of Black-eyed Susan flowers on the table!

  29. What a fun idea. My MIL is a dishaholic too, she would love if I went over and played dishes with her. You are so clever, and you created such a wonderful table, with beautiful colors and lots of history. Thanks for sharing.
    Enjoy your day.

  30. Oh, all the family heirlooms! Priceless and beautiful! I love the colors and the silverware and the dishes and the placemats. Well, I guess I just love everything! Including the wildflowers!

  31. Simply lovely! I love the wildflowers mixed with the family heirlooms!

  32. They are all soooo pretty! Looks like you had a ball! I would enjoy that too! Love the impromptu centerpiece with flowers from the pasture!!


  33. Everything looks gorgeous! And Oh my, I have the Cannister set, given to me by my mom, that is the same as your S/P shakers. Hmm..wonder what happened to hers?


  34. Oh, Michelle, this is a wonderful table! How sweet to play in my mother-in-law's dishes! I love those dishes by the way and the place mats really set them off! Her family heirloom salt and peppers and egg cups are darling!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  35. What fun, to get to play with someone else's dishes and to have a new hunt for the perfect items to complete the table. Great job.

  36. Wow, very pretty Michelle! I'm a very lucky MIL to have such talent available. Just so everyone knows, Michelle has to do my table for every holiday and family get together! She could very well tell you that my talent is "zilch" in this area! Love it!

  37. Very fun post and such a great idea! She has beautiful things and you did a fabulous job putting them together.

  38. I love those dishes! What fun to play with someone else's toys, too. You did a wonderful job --love the old bottles with the wildflowers, they suit the table beautifully.

    Those placemats are great -- I can never seem to find placemats I really like and now I know why -- YOU bought them!


  39. I love your tablescape! Isn't it fun to play with someone else's dishes? I really like the placemats. I haven't seen any like those before. Also, you are an amazing photographer. Thank you for sharing!


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