Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Sea Glass Tray

When I saw Kim's tray, it really knocked my socks off, so beautiful....and what better inspired project to do, especially since I had all the supplies from tiling the laundry room floor. I even had the tray on hand, a thrifting find, and had sprayed it white....but it was still hum-drum, but not anymore!

I finished it up this weekend and am so happy with how it came out. It was another one of those projects I found relaxing, working a little section at a time....finding the perfect piece to fit. Logan informed me he didn't like the white (clear) pieces, that I should color them blue (too cute), but I like that it relates back to the color of the tray.

I've got it in the kitchen right now, but it would certainly serve purpose anywhere.

I followed Kim's tutorial to the tee, she explains it very well.

For this size tray, it took about 3 bags of sea glass, and I had a little left over. The sea glass is from Pier 1. I looked around to see if any other stores carried it, but the type at Pier 1 is nice and flat, which (obviously) is an important feature for this project . :)

Thank you so much for the inspiration Kim, this is exactly what my tray needed!

Want to follow Kim's tutorial too? Click HERE to see her full tute at Sand and Sisal.


I worked all day for and at my booth space yesterday...the black hutch that I worked so hard on sold (after I left to pick up the kiddies, of course), so I'm going to be down there again today, I'm sure all of it's contents are on the floor. :) I'm trying to layer it in pretty thick for the coming weeks, I just don't know how I will be feeling. However, I do have a Chemotherapy Education class today, so I'll be learning more about what will be happening to my bod.

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  1. I love sea glass....I used to be able to find it here at Dollar Tree of all places! Now that I really want to use it I haven't seen any in years!! The tray turned out great - wishing you the best!

  2. I love anything sea glass!! This is so pretty:)

  3. Your tray is just beautiful!! Very gorgeous colors too. Good luck with your class today! God bless!!
    ~ Jamie

  4. Michelle: The tray came out so beautifully. I have collected some pieces of old glass and china that were unearthed during the Cottage and garden renovation. I've been looking for a way to use them. This might work although all pieces are not flat. Take care and best of luck on your class.. Judy

  5. That looks so pretty-- I have been planning to make on for awhile. It is on my list!

  6. I love sea glass. We find it by the river in the Great Smoky Mountains. Will have to try this. VERY pretty!!

    Good luck with class.
    You are in our prayers

  7. Very nice. I admire your gumption to keep the normal part of your life normal in light of the hurdles you have to jump over for the time being. I have just finished reading the posts from the past week. So glad you feel like you can share with us. I hope it helps you to know that those of us whom you have never met are thinking about you.

  8. I'm dropping by as the guest judge on The CSI Project this week. This tray turned out great. I love the colors. Great job! P.S. I'm supremely jealous of your laundry room make-over. Gorgeous!


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