Friday, August 24, 2012

Dipped Lotus Pod Wreath

I've always liked the look of dipped pine cones and wondered what lotus pods would look like dipped in paint. I had some left over green paint from a painted dresser project and  thought it would be a perfect color to try. Lotus pods can be found at craft stores like Hobby Lobby and Michael's but the packages at Hobby Lobby are bigger (5 vs.3 at Michael's)....and if you're lucky, you can catch them on sale. They come with a handy dandy piece of heavy duty floral wire creating 'stems'.....which makes the pods easy to handle.

This color is Asparagus from Valspar at Lowe's. Isn't it the perfect green??
Luckily, the pods fit right in the mouth of the quart can. Completely submerge the pod and let the excess drip off. It's kind of really messy...I did this outside. Little bubbles formed in the holes, I made sure to pop them before it started drying.
They did not take very long to dry, I used them a couple of hours later. I poked the wire right in the ground and let them dry. Doesn't it look cool? It still looks natural, just amped up a bit.
I had the perfect ribbon in mind to use with the pods and went about making a fall wreath.
I used all five of them and offset the big ones with the little ones on the right
I just love how the the green looks with the warm fall colors! The lotus pods create quite the focal point and even more so painted green! If you like the looks of this wreath, it's available in my shop. Click HERE
Have you ever tried dipping pinecones, or better yet, lotus pods? What color did you choose?


  1. Ooooh, the asparagus green is a yummy color! I've used lotus pods in arrangements, but never dipped them. Love your idea and tips for dipping..and especially the final result of your wreath. Gorgeous! Happy Fall!

  2. How cool are those pods!!! I love how your wreath turned out. Keep your chin up, doll. Can you imagine your creativity when you feel good again?!? You do awesome work, and I will continue to pray for you - and keep my fingers and toes crossed that you have just the news you are looking for when you have your next scan.


  3. Woah! That green is beyond perfect!! I love love love! I want a fall wreath,'ve inspired!!

  4. Absolutely gorgeous wreath and pods! I love that shade of green!

  5. Oh, very pretty. We don't often think of that green with fall colors, but it looks great!

  6. Gorgeous Michelle, absolutely Gorgeous! I have to ask you -- I love all the plaid ribbon you find. Are you just lucky coming across them or do you have a source you would share? I'm in love!

  7. LOVE that color!!! I have SPRAY painted drieds and even silk flowers to get a color I wanted. Your wreath is gorgeous. XO, Pinky

  8. Those turned out so beautiful. I love it! Megan

  9. Thank you everyone!
    Susie, finding decent non-cheesy ribbon is very hard! I love plaids so I snatch it up where I see it, no specific source....although I think I got this at Big Lots.

    P.S. For some reason the threaded comment link under each comment doesn't work, I would love to respond individually....I've got to figure that problem out!

  10. ooooh I love this. I was going to dip pinecones this year but now I am thinking pods !!! Love the wreath.

  11. Would never have thought of this. Love the look!

  12. This is beautiful, Michelle! Now I know what to do with the lotus pods that have been hanging out in my stash forever and ever.

  13. Love how this turned out. Beautiful wreath!

  14. This is FABULOUS! Such a statement!!!!

  15. Ditto to every one else's comments. You think WAY outside the box!! I'm getting so tired of all my brown dried stuff. Lotus Green, baseboard white here I come!!!
    I'm praying daily for you and your young family.
    Exodus 14:14
    The LORD himself will fight for you. Just stay calm.

    I use crafting and looking at crafting to help in my dealing with my traumatic brain injury and I miss teaching first grade. So I pray for your boy that he has a nice and gentle teacher, that is installing a passion for learning in him. He can write about your project: I like the ----.

  16. Brilliant! I have never liked dried pods very much but I LOVE those! You gave them life. Now I am going to have to hunt some down and make a wreath.

  17. I am visiting your blog via pinterest. I love what you did with the pods, fantastic color as well.
    I am thinking spray painted with glitter for the holidays??
    Thanks for sharing.

  18. At first I thought the color would be too much. But as always, you have such an eye for gorgeous combos...that wreath is beautiful. The pops of color with the bright green just really set it off.

  19. I absolutely love your wreath....the green really caught my eye.
    Frankie Jean


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