Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Few Goals for 2012

I spent the day yesterday taking down the Christmas tree and decorations. It certainly comes down a lot quicker than it goes up. Doesn't it? I'm not really sure why, but I'm glad it does. With the New Year here, I'm ready for a fresh start. Really ready.

In actuality, I am not a resolution kinda gal, but I do like to set goals for the new year. Even if some of the goals are 'repeats' from 2010 or even 1999. ..it's OK to roll-over goals from one year to the next. Sometimes circumstances aren't right and it just doesn't happen. I think of it like this: my daily to-do lists are pretty lengthy. I go full steam to get everything checked off the list. If I don't get something done on the list, it gets put on the next days list. For me, it's keeps the petal down, but I don't feel bad about myself if I don't check off everything. That's how it is for the goals for the year list, if it didn't get done, keep it on the list. Keep moving forward.

Another thing that I learned about myself...I am not a 'one word' gal either. I selected a word last year and then promptly forgot it. That's OK too, some things that work for others do not work for me. It's not a one size fits all thing.

So here we go:

1.) Create more wreaths for my shop. I never seem to have enough selection, and I want to improve on that.

2.) Open a new shop for vintage finds ala Etsy. I want this to be a companion to my booth space and offer a lot of awesome finds.

3.) Paint the laundry room. This is the second project in the Kitchen Facelift phase. I've been mildly thinking of what color I'd like to go with, but I haven't nailed anything down yet.

4.) Eating better. I know, I know....how cliche right? Well, I'm going to try. The way that I've eaten my whole life is finally catching up with me. We'll see how it goes.

5.) Exercise on a regular basis (I know, another cliche). I do not have an athletic bone in my body, so hard core weightlifting or marathon running is not what I am talking about. I am on the look out for a routine I can start off with and hopefully stick with. Justin has been eating healthy and exercising for sometime now and I'm finally getting on board. I guess when I started seeing his results, it started making me look a little shabby. :)

6.) Write an Ebook. This was one thing on my list last year and here it is again.

I have a few more personal, unspoken goals that I haven't listed here, but they are on paper. It seems like I have more business related goals (public and private) this year than home related goals. How about you? I'd love to read your goals, or leave me a link.

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  1. Looking forward to see your new Etsy shop!

  2. Good list!

    What will your ebook be about?

  3. Best of luck with your goals for this year.

  4. My focus for 2012 is pretty simple - you can read about it....
    Good luck with yours!!

  5. Your goals are great. Just putting them out there is a step most don't take. I look forward to seeing your progress throughout the year.

  6. I think your goals are great. Good luck! enjoy the writing and your pics are fabulous. Not to mention i love you like a sister. Even if you are to hard on yourself.

  7. Thanks everyone! Mary, the ebook will be about decorating, etc.


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