Monday, May 16, 2011

Pfister Faucet Winner

Thanks to everyone who entered the Pfister Faucet Giveaway! I let select a number and Barbara is the winner!

Congratulations Barbara!

Barbara said...
Hi, Michelle,
I am SO glad to see you starting to post a little - welcome back - you were missed! Hope that you will be all better very soon!! If I win the faucet, I would like to give it Lynnette's daughter as she lost her home in one of those horrible tornadoes.

Barbara please email me so I can get your information to Pfister.


I am such a dope...... I misread Barbara's comment and she intended for her winning to go to another commenter Lynette (her daughter suffered loss in the recent tornados). What a wonderful gesture Barbara! I was truly touched and I know Lynette and her daughter are! This is a prime example of how wonderful this community is! Thank you ladies!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Pfister Review And Giveaway

Do you remember the Kitchen Facelift that I conquered at the beginning of the year? If you do, than you also remember the list of things that I had on my wish list.....back splash, counter top, sink and new faucet. Well, I get to mark two of those things off my list, thanks in part to Pfister Faucets.

When they wrote to me and asked if I would do a product review, I gladly accepted, knowing that this opportunity was really a blessing, a new faucet was not in the near future for us. Just to give you an idea of what we had before.....A cruddy, leaky faucet and a stained and chipped sink.....hello reality! :)

....and this is what we have now. A beautiful new sink and beautiful faucet to match. A new faucet deserves a new sink right? :) So we went shopping for a new sink. Pfister gave me a choice of four faucets to choose from and I chose the Elevate model. Not too modern and not too traditional either.

We have lived with the Elevate for over a month now and there are two features that really stand out to me. First of all, my favorite feature is the pull out sprayer. I can't get over the ease of use and the button easily switches the water from stream to spray. I guess I like the integration of it, it's extremely functional, and it has a toggle so it moves around easy too. So now instead of looking at a sprayer head on the side of the sink, I get to enjoy the convience of the hand soap dispenser instead (another nice feature).

Of course when Logan found out about the sprayer, he just thought it was fun to press the button!

The second thing I like about the Elevate is the location of the handle. I can't really explain why it's much more functional on the side, but it is just easier to use. Maybe it's because you're not reaching over the faucet to turn on the water, at any rate, who ever thought of putting it on the side is genius.

This is another interesting feature the Elevate has (though I keep it on the lowest setting) you can adjust the height, if you are, say, filling large pots, or need the faucet up out of the way. It has a button on the front and you just pull up on it, but like I said, I have hardly used that feature.

I am tickled with the new additions to the Kitchen Facelift and I want to thank Pfister Faucets for giving me this opporutinity to use and review one of their faucets, it is top quality!

Wait, don't go! It's not over yet! Would you like a chance to receive an Elevate Faucet for yourself?

Pfister Faucets is sponsoring a giveaway too! I think this is fantastic, I can recall from reading some of your comments (from the facelift) that this kind of upgrade would be a dream too. As you might know, I am still recovering from my recent surgery, so I want to keep this super simple....leave a comment on this post. Yep, that's it, I don't feel like running around so I don't want you to have to either ;) But, if you would like to become a follower, that's great too, no pressure. :)

If you want your name in the hat, just leave me a comment. Just to be clear, the giveaway is for the faucet only. I will let select a lucky name next Monday (May 16). I'm going to leave this giveaway open all week, join in!

P.S. Have a wonderful Mother's Day!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Hello Again

I have commandeered my husbands Macbook and am writing from atop a mound of pillows with the help of some mild pain killers and muscle relaxers, to say hello. So hello. If anyone is still out there.

I am by no means 100% better, but I am taking it day by day. That's all I can do, right? My three week check up, (this past Tuesday) which included a CT scan, revealed a fluid build up around my left lung, so I didn't get to go home that day. They did an Thoracentesis to drain the fluid, which I refuse to describe.....I hope it will be one of the events in my life that I block out. Let's just say it knocked natural child birth to the back of the bus, just didn't take as long.

On a {much} happier note, before all of this surgery stuff happened, I was asked by the nice people at Pfister Faucets to do a product review of one of their faucets. We received it, Justin installed it and I will tell you all about it this week. If you've seen the Kitchen Facelift, then you know we couldn't afford to replace our sink and faucet, so I considered this opportunity a blessing. The best part is not only did I get to do a review, but YOU get a chance to receive this faucet too! I hope to get the post written (Luckily, I took pictures before I went into the hospital), so be on the lookout.

Thanks again for all the prayers and support you all have extended to me. I keep saying it, and I'll say it again, hopefully, I will be back soon. Oh, by the way, if you have sent me an email and I have not responded, please don't be offended, I am just not there yet, thanks for your patience.