Friday, April 24, 2009

Painted Poppy

Welcome to Met Monday! Thank you Susan for hosting!
I know that Met Mondays are typically for room re-do's and home transformations, but I just had to share this little metamorphosis of such a simple item.

I frequently shop my local Dollar Tree store and sometimes I find stuff...sometimes I don't, but one day I spotted these little garden plaques. They are small, only approximately 7'', and come in a variety of different flowers. I picked the poppy (I seem to be on some kind of poppy-kick). I obviously did not like how it originally looked...but I knew it could be painted.....

Step 1# Source ugly flower plaque :)

Step #2 Base coat the flower, in your choice of color.

Step #3 Apply second coat

Step #4 Use white paint to highlight

Step #5 Go back in with original colors, letting the highlights stay where they would naturally be. Add some, what I call, "Stylized Highlights"

Step #6 After you have gotten the flower how you like it, put a nice coat of sealer on, let dry.


A beautifully hand-painted Poppy!

From an ugly duckling to a beautiful swan!

Hope you have enjoyed Met Monday!

Just remember that almost anything can be painted. You can make anything into a little piece of art!

Have a great day and Happy Metamorphosing! :)


Monday, April 20, 2009

Tea Towel Art

You know that feeling you get when you know the water's cold but you just wanna jump in? That is where I am.
This is my first time participating in Met Monday, so hopefully I do everything right. Thank you Susan at Between naps on the porch for inspiring me to jump in!

I was trying to think of what metamorphism I could post...I decided to start small. Here goes...

I bought a kitchen towel set at Target that I really liked, you know the kind-the pack of two, a waffle weave towel and a smooth cotton towel. When I got home and opened up the package, the smooth towel was just too pretty to here's what I did.

I purchased stretcher bars @ Hobby Lobby 2'' smaller than the dishtowel. Stretcher bars are typically used to stretch canvas for paintings. (fyi)

I laid the dishtowel face down on the counter and used the staple gun to attach it to the stretcher bars

After I got done, basically "upholstering", this was the end result! I was really happy it worked out! Easy and Fast art on a budget!

Well that's it! I really love this graphic over-scale design of the towel and it hangs proudly in my kitchen. I would like to publicly thank my 12 year old son, Keegan, for humoring his mother enough to take pictures :)

Thanks for reading and visiting, and I hope you look at dishtowels in a whole new light!

Thanks again Susan!


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My first entry

I am excited that I have started my blog and my shop all in one week! I can't wait to see where this road leads me...