Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Logan's Room: Storage Galore!

Hello and welcome to another episode of: "Logan's Room Is Taking Forever" with your hostess: Really Exhausted Mom! *Just kidding*

It's another one of those times, when I get a wild hair up my hoo-hoo, and well, let's just say, it's a process.

Sometimes, I wish I was a little less DIY and a little more get someone else to DIY....and that other DIYer happens to be my dearest husband Justin.

I was sick to death of the lack of storage in Logan's room and I was determined to create something to suit our needs. Nod your head if toy storage is an issue...

We bought some MDF, and Justin built the most grand of shelving units ever!

He got that thing built and ready to go in just about a week...both of us working and living full time, ya know.

My part of the job was painting...luckily, I recruited our teenager to help with the pain-staking-long-and-drawn-out-process of painting the beast of a shelf...
That took 2 full days into the wee hours of the night, not to mention that I was painting Logan's Armoire in tandem...


We got 'er done

2 coats of primer and 2 coats of semi-gloss white latex paint later......did I mention it was 8 feet wide and 7 feet tall.....?

I made some curtains for the lower half of the shelves, because, honestly, it was too eye-crazy without them. I used some blue ticking, added some grosgrain ribbon to the hem with some heat and bond and hung them with cafe rods. I think they turned out great. Logan just pushes the curtains open to pull out the crates that organizes all his toys. These are the regular plastic crates from Walmart, we have 12 in all that go all the way across the 2 bottom shelves.
In the upper shelves, I put things like books, and stuffed animals, etc...

I painted a generic rusty star red and distressed it, and hung it right in the middle of the shelf

This chair I just got done with this weekend, I found it at the GW for $5.98, it was a natural oak color, and I loved the woven rush seat. I knew it would work great in Logan's room with a coat of Banner Red from Krylon.

I love how it turned out! Not bad for under 6 bucks and a can of spray paint!
The shelving unit turned out fantastic too...I can't say how much I wanted it for myself it has helped the toy storage!

This is the next project on the to-do list...a great dresser that I found second-hand...I have no idea what I want to do with it yet...

...but it'll come to me...it's a process, you see. :)
Thanks for stopping by! I hope you're inspired!!
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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Secret Revealed

Hi everyone! Thanks for stopping back by! Thank you to all who commented on my dresser makeover....it's been a really fun project. I am really excited to show you what else I did to my Grandma's little dresser, and I'd like to show you how I did it too!
We started out with a tired old dresser....

I revived it with a bold paint color, thanks for that word Brenda, that's what I feel like...it's been revived!

But what I didn't show you, the fun little secret I've been keeping, is what I did to the inside of the dresser!

I spray painted the sides, inside and out with my all time favorite color spray paint: Blue Ocean Breeze. I carefully masked off the drawer front and spray about three coats of the turquoise. All in all I used 2 cans.

Using gift wrap and Mod Podge, I lined the bottom of the drawers. Hounds tooth is one of my all time favorite patterns and I loved using it this way! Like a surprise each time I open the drawers!
Measure and cut the paper to fit each drawer, brush Mod Podge on and carefully lay the paper down. Smooth the air bubbles out using your handsBrush another layer of Mod Podge over the paper to seal it off, I used glossy Mod Podge

Let it dry over night and you are finished!!!

The combination of the black and white, turquoise and hounds tooth....Love it!!!
How fun is this?

Well I hope you're inspired to try a fun project on an old dresser, inside AND out! Thanks again for stopping by!

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Monday, April 19, 2010


It's a dresser now, but it didn't use to be. It has a long history, I'm guessing mid to late 60's, maybe early 70's. It was my Grandmother's desk at one time. I think it would have looked like this:

Via Design Sponge

I don't know the story, although I wish I did. Why did Sadie Mae cut up her desk!?! The only thing I do know is that she did it herself. I can imagine her with some kind of saw, going to town on it! She was that kinda gal.

I have lugged this thing around with my, ever since she passed away in 1997. I did not ever try to repair it, nor did I now, I like the fact that she left her mark on it. I did, however, think it was time for a paint job, and a bold one at that. I know she likes it.

Here is the before, your standard run-of-the-mill
veneer top, nice clean lines, and I quite like the hardware, they are original.

It has seen better days, and it will again, after I get done with it!

here is the gnarly side, left intact. It's staying. Call me sentimental.

I gave the dresser a good cleaning, and painted it with a standard black and white latex enamel. Cleaned up the hardware.....

I was in L.O.V.E. I mean it.

Talk about being out of my comfort zone, I am walking on the edge of something totally unfamiliar here! I am taking charge of the ho-hum living room I once had and I am shaking it up a bit!!!

Continuing on with adding color to my living room, I spray painted a leaf dish with, can you guess? You got it! Krylon's Ivy leaf. I am not afraid, OK, maybe a little, but there's no turning back now! I was ready to give this back to the Goodwill, which is where I found it, but I'm back in love with it!

Now, I've got to tell you. But not today. This little dresser is holding a lot of secrets. One of which you will have to wait and see...

What else could I have done to this little gem?

Stay tuned!


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