Friday, April 24, 2009

Painted Poppy

Welcome to Met Monday! Thank you Susan for hosting!
I know that Met Mondays are typically for room re-do's and home transformations, but I just had to share this little metamorphosis of such a simple item.

I frequently shop my local Dollar Tree store and sometimes I find stuff...sometimes I don't, but one day I spotted these little garden plaques. They are small, only approximately 7'', and come in a variety of different flowers. I picked the poppy (I seem to be on some kind of poppy-kick). I obviously did not like how it originally looked...but I knew it could be painted.....

Step 1# Source ugly flower plaque :)

Step #2 Base coat the flower, in your choice of color.

Step #3 Apply second coat

Step #4 Use white paint to highlight

Step #5 Go back in with original colors, letting the highlights stay where they would naturally be. Add some, what I call, "Stylized Highlights"

Step #6 After you have gotten the flower how you like it, put a nice coat of sealer on, let dry.


A beautifully hand-painted Poppy!

From an ugly duckling to a beautiful swan!

Hope you have enjoyed Met Monday!

Just remember that almost anything can be painted. You can make anything into a little piece of art!

Have a great day and Happy Metamorphosing! :)



  1. well, that is pretty amazing!
    have a great day....fellow missourian!

  2. That is so creative of you! That poppy definitely "pops" more with bold colors! ;-)

    Happy Monday!

  3. i had to come back to say...welcome to our blog!
    we are so happy to have you join us on our journey. we are excited to get to know you better.
    have a wonderful day.

  4. That is great to paint the plate. What type of paint did you use. Great Job.

  5. Nice job, that is a fun crafty thing. I love the red!!
    Linda Q


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