Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Photographs on the Wall

As I was getting ready for this post, it occurred to me that I don't have much in the way of "artwork". As a novice photographer, I take a lot of pictures and tend to use my photos for art. Which is great in my opinion, because the subject matter is usually my children {and family}, flowers, or the beach...3 things I adore.

Above the fireplace, I hung 6 12X12 floating frames, all with snapshots of the boys, I sometimes change out the photographs, and could stand to do that now. This is super easy to do, because I print them right here at home.

I would love to do a complete overhaul on the fireplace area...but for the now, Justin built a mantle "slip cover" to hide the Builder's Special traditional mantle. It's still under there (for resale purposes), I just wanted a more modern fireplace and this works for me. I did a faux finish, and it's ok. for now. Maybe later we can afford to do what I really want! :)

Something in the order of this:
(James Tse)

This is a new configuration...This is two separate pieces. The German closet on the left was my parents. They were stationed in Germany, circa 1965, before I was born, and this closet they brought home (to the US). I always loved it. Just for the record, I use this as a coat would never hold all my clothes! :)

I put a modern bookcase next to it to give it more visual balance. So the German closet circa 1965, and the bookcase circa 2008, love it. I did a vignette on top, using the height of the ceiling to my advantage.

Two inexpensive prints and one of my own photos. I love using black frames.

Over the sofa, I did a small grouping. I would like to add a couple more chunkier frames. I'm always on the hunt for some, at the nearest thrift store.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you're inspired!

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  1. Im a novice photographer myself. I love the 12x12 prints. They look great! Is the print a 12x12? What size frame do you use?

    Thanks so much

  2. Love your touch and style! Thanks for linking up today at RE. Really was a fun series today to see everyone's homes. Sandy :)

  3. Missy, the photos are on a full size sheet of photo paper, then I crop to 8X8. I use a piece of cardstock behind for the 1 1/2" "matting" and leave the rest glass (these are 12" floating frames)

  4. Where did you find those bookcases? They're fab!

  5. Natalie, I actually got the bookcase at Big Lots!

  6. I'm in the market for some black frames too.. May have to go to Michael's crafts and see if they have what I need.

    (Love the contemporary look your photos and frames lend to the room)

  7. Michelle, I really like your white frame. Is the "tree" hanging on the wall, or is it a shadow box frame? Very nice! Visiting from RE>

  8. Looks ready for a magazine shoot to me.

  9. Divine. Just divine as always!

  10. Reminds me of the pages of a Pottery Barn catalog! :O) Love the beachy vibe and color combos...especially the taupey/latte-ish shades. Really like the brown in the box behind the fp. Trying to currently select a taupey beige paint swatch now, and it's not easy b/c they all look good.

  11. Lisa, the coral fern is in a shadow box, but I scrolled back up to the is nearly the same color of the wall! :) Funny!

  12. I love what you did to the fireplace...looks great. We still have the builder mantle on ours 9 years later and I've always wanted something different too. Oh day but for now...I'm a novice photographer too and have just started using my photos as art. I've always taken photos of the kids and my family so why not.

    Loved seeing yours...Connie

  13. Thank you Michelle for the info... :) Love it!

  14. Michelle, I am so inspired! Your eye for ballance and interest is gifted! I love the soft and suble hues framed in a touch of thin black. Your boys are precious and the pictures done so artfully.

    I always have trouble hanging groupings of pictures. I need you to come over and give me some help!
    Beautifully done!

  15. Your photography is lovely! And I couldn't help spying that driftwood - oh my, so pretty.

  16. Michelle, I've always loved your photo wall arrangement. You have a great eye for grouping framed art together in your other displays as well!

  17. You're home is what mu home wants to be when it grows up


  18. I love all the frames in your home! I especially love the floating frames! Makes your eye focus on the picture which is totally the point! And you have adorable children! :0)

  19. I love what you do with your black and white photographs! They really make your vignettes. And putting those two bookcases together was an act of genious.
    Thanks for linking up to Beth's party!

  20. I'm always inspired after visiting you! Because you do display like no one else. I'm still loving that orange sofa pillow too.

  21. I am ALWAYS inspired when I visit you. How wonderful your bookcase and closet were so perfectly matched. You created such a great look.


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