Friday, May 14, 2010

The Story of the Ruffled Runner

So I've been in some kind of funk lately, and of course my blog has to do the suffering. It's nothing serious, I just haven't felt inspired lately...I can't even muster up a good table scape...and I can always do that...

What's a girl to do but to surf around and look for something inspiring! I went over to Jen's place she is loaded to the hilt with ideas and inspiration, if you haven't been to Tatertots and Jello, go now. Well maybe not right now, stay for a little while and then go over there...
I was inspired by the beautiful ruffled burlap runner Jen created, not too long ago...looks like just the project to bring me around.
(Fat Quarters, from Joann's & Walmart)
Now, if you've been here before, or if you are new reader, I don't sew. I really don't.

{{{Inner Voice}}}}}Then WHY do you consistently buy fabric, own a sewing machine, and get inspired by sewing projects!?! IDK!!

Now Jen probably whipped this puppy up in an hour or ALL DAY. Yes, you read it right All Day long. This project is not for the amateur seamstress. It's not for beginners (like me). This is not for the faint of heart.

Any thing that could go wrong in this project did. But I wasn't going to let it get the best of me! No Sirree Bob! I was not going to let some burlap and cute fabric make me quit! I finished it.

It's done.

It's beautiful.

(Charger plates I found at GW, I know right? How perfect!)
And one of three things better happen:

(Jute napkin ring tute, here. Napkins I found at Kolh's)

A.) My children pass it down to their children, as a loving heirloom runner (What??? Who passes down a runner !?!)

B.) I'm buried with it, along with my Jimmy Buffett Fruitcakes CD (They just seem to go hand in hand)

C.) It is hanging in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, 25 years after I've died, found amongst my beloved treasures, along with some petrified animal crackers in a zip lock bag. (I ate a lot of those while sewing this)

Jen does have a great tutorial for this project, and I followed it pretty closely. I had to change two things, simply because I didn't have them on hand...I didn't have any batting, but it seemed OK. Also, I sewed it right sides together, then flipped it right side out, instead of using bias tape.

OK, so do you see a table scape in the near future??? I do!

Thanks for stopping by! Thanks Jen for your inspiring project!

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  1. It's gorgeous! I am not a sewer either and I don't own a sewing machine but I am constantly at my Gramma's using her sewing machine or I bring it home and call her at midnight because I broke something!

  2. Okay, I AM a sewer!! And, this is SEW DARLING!! XXOO

  3. Michelle, Love this! The colors are fabulous and from your pictures it looks fantastic {would never know you were not a sewer!} and your three things are too funny! Hope you enjoy your weekend! ~Stephanie Lynn

  4. Michelle...
    I'm sure it will be on display soon at the Museum!!!!Lol
    Very clever and sorry to burst your bubble but...
    I must see Jens Tut, and make a couple,
    xoxo~kathy @
    Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  5. It turned out great, Michelle! Love the fabrics you used. I did a runner myself a couple of weeks ago and some napkins. It also took me a little longer than I had anticipated to complete everything, but I purposely put that day aside to sew anyway.

  6. I think it should go in the Smithsonian! What a fun and fabulous runner. It's like having a party on your table. I'd love to see this in a big tablescape.

  7. I love it! It was worth a day's work. After all, what kind of heirloom is created in 60 minutes?

  8. Beautiful! You wouldn't have made an extra would you?

    Happy Day,
    Jasey @ crazy Daisy

  9. Great job and so cute. Love the idea. Hugs, Marty

  10. Pretty fabric that is a great runner.



  11. Oh my goodness -- your runner turned out so cute!! I love the fabric you used. GREAT job!


  12. That turned out very sweet! I love the fabrics you used. Nice job!

  13. Such a clever and creative girl. My heart is going pitty pat.

  14. Well..I opened my email inbox this am and there you were in an ETSY email...and I am so glad!! I your blog!!! So many inspiring ideas here!! Thanks so much!!

  15. It turned out super cute!! and well worthy of being passed down generation to generation... I love the fabric you used...I just may have to whip this up myself!!

  16. Great fabrics! Such a fun runner. The Metropolitan Museum of Art will probably call, tomorrow, and you will have to take it off your table.

  17. Ruffles like that are time consuming (I've been sewing fo-ev-ah). This turned out darling. I wish you would have shown a shot of the entire runner.

  18. Michelle, your blog just keeps getting better and better! I love the dialogue and the project and the fat quarters. I've bought many a fat quarter in my day!

  19. So cute! I love the orange & white polka dot one.

  20. So cute! I'm now your newest follower =)

    Stopping in from Sunday Showcase.


  21. Michelle, I just adore this! I think you did a fabulous job and the colors are stunning! Thanks so much for joining The Sunday Showcase Party. I greatly appreciate it! ~ Stephanie Lynn

  22. O, I've gotta have one...gotta ....gotta...
    this is so cute. I don't sew so I won't even go there. If ever you MIGHT consider making one to SELL..I WANT ONE..
    XO bj


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