Wednesday, September 7, 2011

More Before and Afters, The Power of Paint

I have been neglecting the blog a little, but since the booth is up and running, I hope to get things on track again (hopefully!) I've gotten my skirted desk in the works and continuing in the bedroom so be looking for that soon.

I wanted to share a few more projects that really show the power of paint and I hope it inspires you!

As you all know, I love a good while the color on this one is far from my choice, it has a fantastic shape. I liked the gold base, so I masked it all off, including the cord and went to town with spray paint. Clean metal primer strikes again, I started with that first....then on with the paint.

Didn't she turn out fab? I've been cheating on Blue Ocean Breeze (Krylon) with Exotic Sea (Valspar). Shame on me. :) Exotic Sea is one of the great colors in spray paint at Lowe's. If we had been going into Spring, I might have chosen Ocean Breeze....but this deeper, richer (and exotic:) color is great going into Fall. New fluted lamp shade, I usually go for drum shades, but it just didn't work for this lamp.

Next, a couple of the dressers we repainted....sorry the pictures aren't straight shots, I wasn't thinking about proper 'afters'.

This baby dresser was actually Keegan's, I bought it before he was born for his nursery. It's not very big at all. Later, when Keegan was going through his Spiderman phase, I let him chose the paint and black. Lord.

I've already started sanding here:

After, I've turned it back into a baby dresser with a gender neutral green with sweet little painted knobs. Sorry, not a full on pic.
(Lettuce Alone from Olympic.)

This dresser was another one of Mom's, actually really well made and solid wood. A deep top drawer and three standard, really great size too. Someone had done a horrific faux treatment on it. I don't mind faux, but this was a bad job. Also, it didn't match the style of the dresser either....the handles are clearly art deco in style, which just does not go with faux. Bad, bad faux.

Here are the original handles that I kept. They were looking their age, so I freshen them up with rub-n-buff (antique gold). That stuff is awesome.

I painted it glossy white and did a bold stripe in green. Again sorry, I should have moved that tapestry....I love the handles against that green! (Asparagus from Olympic) Now, I think she is showing her true colors!

I couldn't resist adding this picture (or on my new fall banner)! A colorful friend hanging out while painting, luckily he landed on dry paint! Can a grasshopper be pretty? :) He looks great on blue.....

The weather has really wonderful here, it's really got me in the mood for Fall! Can you believe Summer is over?


  1. Great job on everything! Love the grasshopper on the blue!

  2. You are so talented Michelle. The photo of the grasshopper is fab too. Sometime can you share some picture techniques because you take such beautiful pictures too. TGIF


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