Friday, September 2, 2011

The Blue Dresser and Wreaths!

Opening day was yesterday at Rangeline Antique Mall! Thank you for all the wonderful comments and support in my new adventure! I wanted to get down there early in the day and hang some wreaths but our AC decided to quit so I had to stick around the house til the AC guy came out. It's not been one of my good days to say the least...I've been hot and frustrated Luckily, around five, I was able to run three new wreaths out to the booth (you'll see them below) and I wanted to start showing you some B&A's of some of the furniture pieces I used.

When I decided to do the booth, I had a pretty good idea what was in storage and this dresser is what I wanted for the focal point. It is the dresser that I had growing up, but it didn't always look like didn't even look as good as the 'before'. I don't remember all the details, we were living in Williamsburg at the time and my parents bought this dresser, mirror and a matching desk for my room. It was second hand and the former owners had stripped the furniture and then I guess decided to bail on the project and sell it. To make a long story short, I lived with the 'stripped' furniture look (not the good kind) my whole childhood. My parents weren't much on DIY. :)

However, Mom finally decided to paint it.....I think I was 32. :) This is the 'before', she painted it a cream color and left the handles original.

It wasn't a bad choice and she did a nice job but I wanted to do a little something different. Now, like I said, I had a plan for the booth....I wanted a black and white trellis pattern wall and a blue dresser to sit in front of it, so that's how I decided on what color to go with. I knew I didn't want the mirror matching, but I didn't decide on the finish for that until later.

I painted the handles with clean metal primer and a couple of coats of glossy white from Krylon. I think they turned out great, they were so dingy before.

The blue is called Schooner Blue from Olympic paint at Lowe's. I had a quart mixed in a gloss enamel and had some left over. This piece ended up being my MIL's baby, she painted the whole thing and didn't even complain (out loud :) about the sanding in between coats I forced her to do! She did a great job!

She gave it a coat of furniture wax and this dresser turned out beautifully! So while I think it will take a special customer to buy it, the booth would have been dull without it. I love how the amber lamps look on that blue!

I also wanted to show you a couple of wreaths I made. I'm trying a new size this year; the finished size on this is about 24". I personally like them a little bigger, but the smaller sizes sell better for me. I didn't use any ribbon on it either, I wanted to see how that will go over too. I hope to get some more made as well.
I have not listed this on Etsy, it is hanging at the booth now. If you think you would like it and need it shipped, just let me know. We can work that out.
( I can't wait for Fall!)

Then I made a eucalyptus wreath, old school I know, but I love eucalyptus and it makes such a beautiful wreath. This one will need a little more TLC than the silk wreaths but I think it's totally worth it and good smelling too! This finished size is 30", again if you're interested, email me.

Now don't smack me. Yes, it's a sheet music wreath. I was shopping around, you know, like I do... and I found an old music book. I just had to make one for my booth. I felt obligated to introduce them to Southwest Missouri! :) For the record this was part of my frustration today.... ninety+ degree heat and making little paper funnels don't mix for took me forever to do this wreath! I hung it on the mirror at the booth....I'll let you know if it sells. I don't think this would be able to ship (it's too delicate, I think), sorry!

Thank you for stopping by, I hope you're inspired!!


  1. You are so talented. That dresser looks gorgeous and I love the pattern that you painted as the back drop. You're going to be a big hit. Love the wreaths!!

  2. Wow, that is one nice booth! Your wreaths are so beautiful! Love the mixture you have in your booth, something for everyone. Your MIL did an awesome job on the dresser, I agree that the mirror looks better on it's own. GOOD LUCK!

  3. I love the dresser - awesome job. So glad I found your blog. Be blessed :)

  4. I LOVE these wreaths! Especially the eucalyptus one!

    Your blog is lovely, full of amazing ideas!

  5. I love the sheet music wreath; how did it do? I'm thinking about making one.

  6. I love the sheet music wreath; how did it do? I'm thinking about making one.


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