Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I'm Almost Done With My Booth!

So the other day I told you what I've been up to...showed you my own little piece of real estate in a big antique mall. With some solid hours my booth went from looking like this:

To this:

Once the back drop got painted (which raised a few eye brows), I was able to move around the furniture and then proceeded to unpack all the tubs of things that I decided not to keep of Mom and Dad's. There are even pieces that are from my grandma (mom's mom) and granny (dad's mom) that need to find a new loving home instead of being squirrelled away in a storage unit. But it really is bittersweet.

Do you like that blue lamp? It didn't always look like that, I spray painted it and added a new shade. Lot's of fun things; Marble trophy vases, sherbet dishes, candle holders, peacock tapestry...

Aren't these wonderful?

Some old books, still life painting, and an old salty dog carved out of wood.

Pretty brass lamps with embossed flower detail, all I did is clean them up and wipe down the shade.

I did have to paint some furniture, some pieces were just too bad looking to go in, so my MIL and I spent two days painting furniture. I hope to get a post together to show you the 'befores'. The blue dresser below was mine growing up, it's got a new paint job now!

The mirror use to be attached but no longer. It looks much better on it's own (and hanging higher) and I gave it a different finish.

This is a nice sized curio cabinet, filled with perfect condition glassware and collectibles, most of it all over 50 years old (if not more).

Some details:

My granny's Singer sewing machine

I started pricing everything and it dawned on me to grab the camera. I've got a few finishing touches, finish pricing and I'll be ready for business! September 1 is opening day, if you are local please stop by!

I want to extend a huge thank you to every member of my family that has supported me in this new venture! I couldn't have done it without them.

Rangeline Antique Mall

3421 N. Rangeline Rd.

Joplin, Missouri

Monday-Saturday 10-7


Starting September 1!


  1. Michelle! Your booth looks fantastic!! I've been following you now for a while and I always look forward to your next post! If I wasn't all the way up north in Saskatchewan, Canada, I would definitely come check your booth out! Wishing you all the best!


  2. It looks great, Michelle! Good luck! I'm hoping to find a place like this once we move to Ohio. We don't have them here on Long Island.

  3. LOVE your painted backdrop! I hope you have great success.

  4. your booth looks great!! hope it does fantastic.. by the way I just realized were are in the same area.. anyway good luck to ya!!

  5. Wow it looks great. Wish I lived nearby so I could come and shop.

    Best of luck with your new venture.

    My best- Diane

  6. Your booth looks so good! I wish I could come by and snatch up that cute green wine rack, I remember when you painted that :) You're going to have so much fun with your booth, I did it years ago in Canton and still miss it! Good luck!

  7. Your booth looks fantastic and I wish you all the luck!


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