Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Living Room Changes

I told you yesterday how excited I was to have found a vintage painting of the ocean. I decided that I wanted it to be featured on the mantle, so a little rearranging was in order. You know how that always happens...I'm a perpetual accessorizer (is that a word?)

Of course since I only dust biannually, I had to do the cleaning that goes along with the rearranging. ;)

It had all started with the bookcases anyway, so the end result was a nice and tidy room that lasted ohhhh, about the length of time that it took to take the pictures and it was back to normal. But at least I have documented proof that it is capable of looking nice. :)

I found a nice and simple black frame in my thrifted frame stash, I just left the glass out of it and the painting looked great.

I changed out the vase, simplified the flowers, added thrifted candle holders and placed the painting. I immediately loved the look.

Whoever the artist is, they did a great job, it's hard to capture crashing waves correctly in paint. I know, I've tried!

Daisy decided to go sleep somewhere else, so I put one of my favorite pillows in the chair. Yes, that's the same chair I showed you months ago that I have yet to chose fabric for. Shame on me.
Next, I accessorized the coffee table. I love having a round coffee table in front of the sectional, it seems more natural to me, but sometimes round tables can be a challenge. Here I used a round bowl (with shell balls), a round mossy ball, and for height a round cylinder vase. I know you've seen me use my vases 101 thousand different ways, and here is the 102nd. Three little taper holders take on a whole new look placed together inside a vase. To anchor them and keep them from wobbling around, I used river rock.

I don't know if you can see it well enough or not. Books always make sense on a table, the square shape offsets the round shapes. Finally, something organic, like my tigerlillies. While these are permanent botanicals, they still make a great statement.

I love how my new old painting looks and I will definately be on the hunt for more. Thanks for stopping by, I hope your inspired!

Want to see a few more pictures? Check out my photostream HERE.


  1. Michelle, it looks fantastic. I just love that chair as well. Such a pretty mantel with the millwork going up to the ceiling.

  2. Wow Michelle, I love your mantle!! Everything looks gorgeous!

  3. That looks fantastic! I pinned and tweeted this. :)

  4. Your living room is fabulous! I love your drum light and the artwork that you got recently. Everything is beautiful!

  5. That painting is gorgeous. I was super excited when I found a sailboat painting that wasn't the usual (in size or context). Know all about how it feels to want something on the hunt for so long and to finally find it.

  6. First of all :) is that a cute little beagle I see? I have two beagles aren't they the best! I love your space it looks so chic and crisp! Stop by I have a giveaway. I love getting your emails you offer a lot of good information.

  7. You really have an eye for creating beautiful vignettes. Thanks for the eye candy!

  8. Michelle - Everytime I see photos of your living room I am so inspired! Everything is beautiful. Love the changes you made and your new ocean painting!

  9. Hey Michelle! Just found your blog. Love tha painting {woud look GREAT in my family room...LOL} I love how it looks on your mantle.

  10. I love the painting...ocean scenes are may favourite!


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