Thursday, September 29, 2011

New Wreaths In The Shop!

I've added three new wreaths to the shop, I just can't seem to get it filled up, but I'm trying to get some more selection in every day {plus start Christmas}. It has been a great Etsy week, if you've bought a wreath from me thank you!!

I am adding a new style of wreath and I'm kind of excited about it. I'm calling it a cornucopia wreath and the concept that I've come up with is sort of a '4 season' wreath. A wreath that can be hung no matter the season. It's full of all sorts of things pomegranates, pinecones, berries, evergreen, etc. I just love it. And of course I had to use some plaid ribbon on it! :) Hope you like it, I hope to do more versions {if I can catch up!!}

Cornucopia Wreath

This next one is pretty muted compared to some of the wreaths I do, still in the fall tones, just not screaming orange...plaid ribbon, gotta love it. I am actually digging pretty deep in my ribbon collection....there has been hardly any ribbon on the market I like this year! I usually like to stock up, but looks like this year, I'm outta luck.

Fall Wreath

This is the only ribbon that I have bought this year, and it is bright!! I put pinecones in nearly every wreath I do....I had some painted green pinecones that I had been wanting to use and once I found this ribbon, I was finally able to use them.
Can you tell how much I love fall ??

Here is a sneak peak of a project I've been working on, can't wait to show you!
Can you tell what it is?

Since we are talking business, I am now booking for Holiday Decorating. If you live in the four state area (Southwest MO, Northeast OK, Northwest AK, or Southeast KS) please contact me! Christmas is right around the corner!

Need a design boost? For advice and guidance on style, contact me!


  1. All the wreaths look wonderful, I especially like the Fall one, lovely colours!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous! Makes me wish Autumn were year 'round!! I never thought of plaid ribbon but I really, really do like it! Thanks for the inspiration :)

  3. I love the fall wreath! Beautiful!

  4. That must be a table? Is my guess right? Coffee table?

  5. Thank you everyone!

    Home Interiors, you are right, but it's a dining table! :) The finished product will be revealed this week!

  6. It is a drop leaf table...I have a coffee table that raises up to be a dining table with the leaves out. It is solid mahogany and I tried striping it down and have a mess now. Will be anxious to see what you do with your table. Mine belonged to my parents and could never part with it. I am sure it would be considered an antique. Thinking of painting it black and distressing it and stenciling a roman numeral clock in the center that is big and would include the leaves that drop down.


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