Thursday, May 21, 2009

Hooked on Gray or Grey!

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This week I'm featuring Grey and/or Gray, which ever you prefer...I'm not sure when it started happening...I've always enjoyed the look of zinc and grey is in my wardrobe, but sometime in the last, oh, let's say 6 months there has been a surge of grey on the market and I'm hooked!

I found these beauties at Target , I'll let the pictures speak for themselves...I can't quite explain them...they are quite large, wickery-ish, painted orb thing-a-ma-bobs...they presently live in my unusable fireplace. I really like the controlled chaos of them...

Bedding, from Thomas O'Brien, this was a splurge...I must admit.

Thank you for stopping by! Are you hooked on grey too?



  1. I saw those at Target and thought they were so cool, but I wasn't sure what I'd do with them. What a good idea to put them in your unused fireplace!

    Thanks for joining my party! Your link was acting funny, so I re-did it, then realized it was just a Mr Linky glitch and I probably didn't need to. I hope I wrote it the way you had it before--check to see and if you want me to change the wording or anything, let me know. Sorry 'bout that!

  2. Pretty bedding! I love the birdcage and the basket.

  3. Very nice pieces, and nice pictures of them too :-)

    Lately, every room that I've repainted in the house, I've painted a shade of gray -- master bedroom, guest bedroom, living room, office, and hallway. So yep, I'm DEFINITELY hooked on gray!!! :-)

    Kelly @ DesignTies

  4. Mmmmm! Love that bedding! I've been staring at that bedding at Target. I do love gray as has a more calming effect on me.

  5. I have never really liked the color gray until recently. I guess I always thought it was a bit depressing. Recently though, I have really started to love it, especially when it's a slightly browny-gray (is that a word?) shade. The perfect neutral, I think.
    I love your metal wire cloche, birdsnest, whatever lovely thing you call it.
    Just lovely!


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