Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Vintage Christmas

Hello everyone! I hope you are enjoying this Christmas week! I can't stay long, I've just stopped by to say hi and to share some of the gifts I've finalized this week. I hope you are not feeling overwhelmed by the sometimes hectic season....If you've taken a break from wrapping gifts and cooking, thanks for stopping by! Enjoy!I have used mostly vintage and recycled goods

Are you finalizing some gifts too? I always work best under pressure, at least that is what I keep telling myself!
Merry Christmas!


  1. what a great idea! i love how you used the twine! yes! i tell myself i work better under pressure! i hope you have a wonderful christmas! thanks for the ideas!

  2. Thank you for the Christmas Gift of these beautiful photos and the great post!

  3. What a lovely post. Love the "Noel"....really unique and inspiring!

    Have a Blessed Merry Christmas!


  4. Hi Michelle. Isn't it amazing how beauty can come from the most simple things. Your yarn and Noel and your beautiful star. I just love them.

    Merry Christmas my friend, Tracy :)

  5. The noel is gorgeous! Great idea and beautifully done. The star is another favorite - Thanks for sharing! Happy Holidays!

  6. Stunning. So pretty!

    Have a Merry Christmas Michelle :)

  7. I love the jar of pinecones and that star! How did you make the star? Beautiful! Merry Christmas. Waiting up for Santa, lol.

  8. Oh, I love these little works of art! You're so good at this.

  9. I really want to make the book page decoupaged stars, but I can't find them at my local craft store. i've searched online, but can only find posts about how to *make* cardboard stars. Help!


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