Monday, March 15, 2010

Thrifty Easter

I've been scheming . and planning. and preparing.
Easter comes sorta early this year and I wanted to get a head start on what I think might bring together a beautiful table. For starters, of course: linens.
I recently found a table runner and some coordinating napkins, thinking these are the ones!
I found these adorable rabbit place card holders at Hobby Lobby, further inspiring a Easter table, nothing says Spring like a bunny! With the addition of lavender, I was on the hunt for some plates that I could use to finalize the look.
I stopped by one of my regular stomping grounds (today, Sunday) because this thrift store has amazing deals on Sundays. 25 cents can go a long way on Sundays!

Wouldn't you know it...4 little plates in the most perfect shade of lavender immediately grabbed my attention and I couldn't believe my luck! It must be because it's so close to St. Patrick's Day. :)

(4 Lavender plates: $1.00, I told you Sundays were good!)

I also spied a hobnail goblet. With milk glass; it's a given that it automatically comes home with me. It's just how it is.

( Vase: .99 cents)
A silver tray looked appealing to me, not that I don't have silver trays, but this one had feet! It was pretty nasty, but I thought I'd splurge and bring her home with me.

(Tray: 4.00 Ouch!)
With a little silver cream and some elbow grease
She was shining!
She was sparkling!
She was fantastic!

Look how festive!

Hello Spring!
Don't worry, I'm going to show you how to make the crocheted baskets very soon!

I think I like it!

Sharing my Thrifty Love with Rhoda

and my Tray Transformed with Susan.

Thank you ladies for hosting!

And on a completely unrelated topic, don't you just love Rhoda's name? I always think about Rhoda Morgenstern! I remember watching Rhoda that show!

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  1. I'm in love with the table runner and napkins! That shade of green is one of my favorites!

  2. Great finds! My local thrift shop also has great deals but on Saturdays! Lucky You!

  3. Your table looks beautiful and for such an awesome price!!
    I love the colors that you went with.

  4. You always find the great buys! I am envious of you. I love the hobnail vase and love the crochet basket with eggs and bunny. How sweet!



  5. Great color combinations! I haven't even begun thinking about Easter. You are way ahead of the game:)

  6. That is absolutely gorgeous!!!!

  7. Very pretty, Michelle! I love the linens you found!

  8. You found great deals! We don't have many thrifting options in my town, but I still go look every couple of weeks. I love the fact that you are using unique will be very pretty.

    I didn't use silver before blogging. In fact, all the silver I got for wedding presents (it was popular in the 70's) I gave to my mom because I hated it. Now, there are 2 trays and a dish sitting around my house. Blogging changes everything:)

  9. The linens are gorgeous and the lavender plates were such a great find. Love the milk glass too. What a steal on the tray. I can't wait to see the table. I know it will be stunning. Hugs, Marty

  10. Amazing finds! I'm still searching for some new plates to go on my Easter table. I just can't seem to find enough...I need 10! I love the place card holders. Sure wish I had a Hobby Lobby!

  11. It's all very beautiful Michelle and such great deals. I'm seriously jealous! Love it! My favorites are the milk glass and silver.

  12. I love you crochet basket :-)
    How did you stiffen yours. With sugar water?
    And those thriftshop finds are right on the money you are going to have an amazing Easter table.

  13. So sweet and Easter-ish! I'm gonna go get my Easter stuff out and see what I can do! So inspiring!

  14. I am IN LOVE with that color scheme. The greens look so good with the lavender. And those table linens are to die for. Ok, looks like I'm going thrifting tomorrow and hope to have your luck!

  15. ooh Michelle, I need to shop with you! I love your style and how you pulled it all together, how do you do that?? really? I love that silver tray I have one similar with feet too, I think if the tray has handles or feet I am tempted to buy it, so far I have 3. also thanks for stopping by and commenting on my thrifty flatware. Blessings, Marla

  16. Great color scheme! It's not one I would ever come up with but I love it. It must have been meant to be with the roll that you were on. It's going to make a fabulous setting for your Easter table.

  17. Hey Michelle, love all of it. Love your color scheme and how you put it all beautifully together! It is wonderful! I love Easter and love to decorate for it. We usually have a wonderful family get together after church and my mind is always whirling with ideas how to decorate and make it special! Great blog you have too. I love to see what you are up to!

  18. Love the bunnies, they're really sweet :-) And the lavender plates and silver tray were great finds.

    The vignette in your last two photos is so pretty -- very spring-like :-)

    Thanks for checking out my kitchen makeover. It was a long and at times frustrating process, but so worth it in the end :-)


  19. michelle, come home with me...better yet, go shopping with me! you are amazing!!!!! adore everything.

  20. What a beautiful table it is! I love the combination of those two colors. Just gorgeous.

  21. Ahhhh...luv your silver tray and milk glass glass...great finds! Hop over and show them off at my NIFTY THRIFTY TUESDAYS PARTY:)


  22. Love the colors and little critters you have :) The linens look beautiful too.


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