Monday, May 24, 2010

Kitschy Bamboo

For me, bamboo adds just the right amount of exotic's sustainable and eco-friendly too. I found this great wine holder at the goodwill {talk about being green, buy second-hand!}, really cheap.

Four dollars later, my new wine rack and I were on the way home. Never mind the fact we don't drink...I had other ideas! This is a versatile piece! It doesn't have to hold just wine bottles...letters, or vintage seltzer bottles, that would be cute too!


Not bad, but it looked a little too tiki for me...I wanted to update it with some paint


Rustoleum Primer, of the spray paint variety.

(Ivy Leaf from Krylon)

Exotic slash Coastal slash kitschy slash love it!

It's going to help me corral my magazine collection for a while! I photographed it with just a few magazines, but it really holds a lot!

I can't rave about the Krylon paint enough...look at that finish!

I also painted the starfish in Peekaboo Blue from Krylon. It was a rusty metal color, something I picked up at Hobby Lobby's garden dept. It is the heavy iron metal, I thought it would make a great paper weight! Love it in blue!

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you're inspired!



  1. Very Cottage,coastal, Kitch.
    Nice job...
    xoxo~Kathy @
    Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  2. OH MY GOSH!! I LOVE bamboo and I LOVE green (that shade is perfect!!)! And $4??? Awesome steal! The green gives it much more of a modern vibe. And I love the shade of blue you painted the starfish! I love it all!!

  3. I love it...wish I had space for something like that. My favorite part was that you got it at goodwill (I'm a greenie like that)

  4. WOW!!! i love it! love the color, love the shape and love the bamboo. what a great find and redo!

  5. I love it! Wish I would have made it to Goodwill first!:)

  6. Hi Michelle! OH, this is just the cutest thing! I love it and the color you chose is perfect!
    Be a sweetie,

  7. The bamboo organizer and the starfish.....great updates! It's amazing what some quality painting will do. Well done!

  8. Love the blue shade of the starfish. And this magazine idea of yours is fantastic!

  9. Great color choice and very clever idea to use it as a magazine holder. Love it!

  10. Very that idea, and the colors are incredible!!

  11. Hey Michelle-
    I love your blog-so I thought I would post all about you and your fabulous ideas on my blog. I hope that is ok.
    I just wanted all the bloggy world to see your mad skills!!
    Happy Wednesday!

  12. So very cute!! And I love any idea that helps me corral my clutter! :) shaunna

  13. What a great way to re-purpose an old wine rack - and the color is so fun!

  14. LOVE the color and love using it as a mag rack -- brilliant!!

  15. That bamboo holder is awesome. And the color too. Fabulous!

    Thanks so much for linking up to the CSI Project! We really appreciate it. I hope you will come back next week for our Hardware Store challenge!


  16. they both look awesome! way to see the potential in something other people might look right past. i need a magazine rack like that. mine are just piled on my end table.

  17. You made that look so fresh and the color. Can't wait to peek around your blog!


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