Monday, January 3, 2011

Some Kitchen Inspiration

There really is no better way to decide on how to redesign your own kitchen than to seek inspiration from others. It's highly recommended and when you start collecting inspiration photos, 9 times out of ten you start seeing a recurring trend (not in a bad way) that suits you. For my up coming kitchen project, there are a few things I know. A.) I have to work with the existing cabinetry and existing footprint B.) Light building my be required and I may have to sweet talk my husband and possibly my Father-in-law. C.) Counter tops, and this kills me to type this, are going to have to stay

So after quite some time collecting pictures and putting an idea book together at Houzz, here are the things that I lean towards.

I like the dark modern cabinetry lowers and white uppers. Cool.

The black cabinetry lowers, white uppers, awesome bamboo blinds, and check out the corbels under the uppers. Neat right? Replace that strange guy with Justin and I could move right in!

Again with the contrast of black and white


Ikea is known for it's inexpensive kitchen solutions and if I had one close to me, Lord help me. I like the lighting, open shelving, countertop, rolling work surface, the stools in the background, the cake in the foreground. This is a great one.

I cannot have an idea file without Candice. We all know she rocks, and she totally rocked this kitchen. There is too much to list with things that I like about this kitchen, so the only thing I don't like about it are the bar stools. Everything else is splendid.

OK, I know, I'm dreaming too big here right? All of these spaces and the spaces in the idea book are just beyond the stars. They are. But I can dream right? Marble, stainless steel farm sink....

I will take inspiration from all of these beautiful kitchens and shape them into something that is for me, for my family, and for this house.


Take a look at this idea book. I think my favorite is from Tommy Smythe


  1. I do like the dark cabinets on the first photo. I love the handles. The only thing that worries me about those type of handles is from experience >>> I'm only 5'2" and that type of handle seems to grab my belt loop! LOL. I have made several abrupt stops during turning and/or pulled drawers out a bit! I've been looking at handles similar to the ones in the last photo.

    Are you going to install task lighting? I sheetrocked my kitchen but paid a guy to come in and do the knock down texture. I had him cut between the ceiling rafters to make an entry to the attic space. My plan is to have task lighting added later, install and exterior exhaust for the stove and then be able to use the attic space for storage. The cut piece just rest down onto a piece of molding. On a poor girl's budget, I go for function over style. =)

    Best of luck on the reno! And I adore the header you chose for your blog! Very elegant and classy!

  2. Love all the photos. I really like the second photo and I love the last photo. That sink is just wow!

  3. I painted my existing oak cabinets black and added a cream colored island. I LOVE it and get a lot of compliments on the cabinets. I will get around to posting the reno on my blog one day. If I can find some of my old inspiration photos, I'll send them over to you. Good Luck and have fun!

  4. I'm looking for kitchen inspiration too so THANKS! I have considered the black cabinets.

    Still considering.
    I definitely need a little courage.

  5. I totally dig the black bottom, white top and bamboo window coverings. Wowza.

    Ikea is dangerous .... there are 3 in Texas and you better believe I do some damage when I'm in Austin and Dallas!

  6. It was fun to see your ideas notebook pictures. I have found this to be so true and also advise my cutomers to go through magazines and look for what they are continually drawn too. Very inspiring kitchens, Michelle.

  7. I've been doing the same thing all evening. We have made an offer on a new house. In the past I have gravitated to white kitchens. This kitchen is stained with Travertine counters. It is beautiful, but not what I usually go for. I won't be changing it, but was looking for ideas on how to make it more "me". You can see it in my last post, if you'd like. We should know tomorrow, maybe. I've got to keep looking. . .

  8. What great ideas. I really like the one Candice did!

  9. You will never regret painting your bottom cabinets, I can tell you from experience! I did ours last year and everyone thought we had totally remodeled our kitchen. It helps me ignore our 1970s Formica countertops :)) (At least they're white) And we couldn't afford to put glass in the uppers so I did chicken wire. It's far from my dream kitchen, but it has made it so much more livable. Plus the black hides alot of dirt, LOL!

  10. Hi Michelle, I just found your blog and everything looks wonderful. I am the same way with kitchens, I love white and yet still like the darker colors too. Will definitely be a follower and I can't wait to see your reveal :)


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