Friday, February 18, 2011

Winter Retreat

Justin and I were able to get away for Valentine's Day weekend, not specifically for the day, mind you, you know how I feel about Valentine's Day, but we were able to get away and it was wonderful. For me, I think that just getting out from underneath the snow we've been having and getting out in nature (instant cure for cabin fever). The weather was absolutely beautiful and we really enjoyed slowing down a bit. Thanks to the in-laws for watching the kiddies.

Being from the coast of North Carolina, I am an ocean girl all the way, but living in Missouri for the past several years, you can't help but come to appreciate the lakes in this area. Table Rock Lake, Lake Taneycomo, and Bull Shoals Lake are all near Branson. I don't really get into the tourist attractions and shows on the strip, commonly associated with Branson, but Branson has a lot more to offer than you might think. Of course we are in the dead of winter, but Table Rock Lake is such a peaceful place to be, regardless.

This is the view from the hotel window, you can still see a little remaining snow in the view over the lake. The weekend (and this week) has had such warm temps, the snow didn't have a chance!

We drove down to the lake, parked and started walking. We enjoyed walking on the shore, very rocky, a little bit like hiking, but wonderful.

No sand in our toes that's for sure!!

A lone fisherman was the only other person we saw. That is the biggest adjustment I think that I have had to make, seeing lakes carved out of the landscape, I'm just so use to the eastern seaboard, crashing waves and coastline, completely opposite of lakes.

Lichen and sheet mosses, fallen leaves, wooded areas just steps away from the shore.

As we walked and walked, I began to notice the driftwood that was every where, fallen limbs and branches that was bleached by the sun, smooth and barkless. Of course, then I started thinking what I could do with all the driftwood, so I picked up every piece I found.

I brought a good collection home and used two big cylinder vases to display all the driftwood. It looks like driftwood bouquets! I can't wait until we get closer to Summer, I'm thinking of using the bouquets on the mantle, add some shells and sand and it will represent life in NC and my other life here in MO. I'm pretty sure I would not have been able to find so much if it had not been winter. I also thought about making one of those driftwood mirrors, how fun would that be, to have collected all the wood yourself?

So while I am a coastal girl at heart and will never give up my ocean, lakes are coming in as close second favorite. It is fun accessorizing with nature's gifts!

So, here's my question: Are you a lake or ocean person?


  1. I adore the wild grandeur of the Atlantic and the beaches of Hawaii, but I am always completely satisfied with the huge lakes found in the center of USA. Our children attended Kanakuk and Kanakoma Kamp's for many years. Magnificent area. Thank you for sharing your day and your eye catching new driftwood centerpiece. Cherry Kay

  2. Oh, I meant to share...Did you know that three of the lakes in Oklahoma are rated as 'inland seas' by the Coast Guard?...Eufaula, Texhoma, and Grand Lake. grand Lake is my favorite. Cherry Kay

  3. Yes, Grand Lake is where my husband likes to fish, but I haven't been to the other two. Thanks for the info!

  4. Ocean all the way! Well, I should say, the Puget Sound, but that's just an extention of the western coast of Washington. I grew up in the Seattle area and I miss the water. My husband I were married on a beach in Seattle. Right now we live very, very close to the Snake River(the border of ID and WA) but there is nothing like the Ocean :) Miss it very much.

  5. I love both, but lake is my favourite. Of course, I have lots of access to beautiful lakes in our home province of Ontario. We have hundreds of lakes within one to four hours (or much less) driving.

  6. I'm an ocean girl. A North Carolina - Ft Fisher and Kure beach girl to be exact. We go over the 4th every year with the kids and that 7 days is the most relaxing of the whole year.

  7. I've vacationed down there several times in my life but never at this time of year. It looks gorgeous down there right now, so fresh and crisp.

  8. I live on Lake Superior, so I'm partial to lakes, but it's so big it feels more like a sea....very cold though here in Wisconsin. I love the water, both lakes and oceans. I would have a very hard time living far away from a large body of H2O!

  9. I live in East Texas and we are blessed to have many lakes all around us. I enjoy their beauty, we really like to camp at them and are fond of staying there especially in the fall.....but I love the Pacific Ocean.

    My daughter lives in California and I adore the PCHiway one! The views that we enjoy while traveling there are just beyond compare. I could sit on the beach and listen to the surf for days on end....

  10. I love the Ocean but being that I live in AR we spend alot more time at lakes or rivers.

  11. Hi Michelle,
    I'm glad you had a nice getaway. Your pictures are beautiful.
    I need to get down to Table Rock. We have never made it down that way.

  12. Love your site! As for your question...both, but of course! Since I live near the Great Lakes and spend most my summers there how could I not choose them. However, on the flip side I have spent summers and beautiful fall days on the beaches in the Outer Banks and there is nothing like the Ocean air while shelling and hunting for seaglass. Basically, I love 'em both!

  13. Your mantel looks amazing! Love your driftwood bouquets.

  14. Looks like you and your husband had a nice time away. I love the driftwood you collected. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I really appreciate your comments on my dining room chairs!

  15. gorgeous pictures. I especially love the driftwood!!!!! you have a great eye.

    I am a lake girl! surprisingly, it is influenced by my time in the South, when we lived in the Upstate of S.C. Tubing, water-skiing, pontooning, lazy swimming... LOVE me a lake!



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