Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Painted Doily Tee

Have you all met Rachel at Maybe Matilda? She has mad crocheting talent, and has fun projects like her Floral 'Love' Tee, Scrappy Floral Skirt and Painted Doily Tee, which is the project I tried. I don't usually do any re-fashions, but this was so easy, right up my alley, I just had to try. I did do mine a little different, she used colored paint on a white tee and I used white paint on a colored tee. Either way you do it, I think it looks so cute and fun for summer.

I had everything on hand except for the textile medium that was a little hard to find. Not at Walmart, not at Michael's, finally found it at Hobby Lobby. If any execs of the two former named stores are reading, if you carry craft paint, you should carry textile medium. Thanks.

So here's what you will need: Craft paint, textile medium, paint brush, paper doilies, inexpensive tee shirt.

My tee shirt is from Walmart ( 5$), they have tanks (4$) that I think would look cute too. You might have a plain tee already. I found the sunflower paper doilies at the Dollar Tree, but the regular paper doilies (which Rachel used) are available all over if you prefer that shape.
Wash your tee (without fabric softener), and lay out the paper doilies in a pleasing manner.

Put a piece of cardboard in the shirt to prevent bleeding to the back, I used a pizza box top. Mix the textile medium into the craft paint, be brave and begin painting, concentrating on the little openings and the outer edge. Basically use the doily like a stencil.

I made sure to let the pattern go off of the shirt, I did that on the bottom and around the neck.

Let the paint dry then heat set it by ironing wrong side with a pressing cloth or towel. That's it! It is ready to wear! Is that easy or what?

Doesn't it kinda look like tie dye? Thank you Rachel for a fun idea! Be sure to visit Maybe Matilda and see all of Rachel's projects.




  1. That is so cute! Thanks for the how to. laurie

  2. I love how yours came out! And your doilies almost look like sunflowers to me . . . perfect for a summer top! Thanks for sending me the link--it looks fantastic, and I'm glad you liked my idea!

  3. Ha, just realized that you purposely used sunflower doilies . . . that explains why they look like sunflowers . . . obviously, I'm having a very smart day over here ;-)

  4. Really cute! I like the shape you used.

  5. this is so clever. I love it!!! Great summer look.

  6. These are great! I was just thinking about a fun project I could do with my nieces this weekend and I think I've found it!

  7. This is such a cute idea! Thanks for sharing! I am pinning this!

  8. Hi! I just found your blog and I love all your creative ideas! I actually found your placemat tutorial on pinterest and featured it on my blog, with a link to yours. Hope that's cool =) I'm excited to see what you do next!

  9. It looks like tie dye on steroids! So cool.


  10. The t-shirt turned out great! I think I have some doilies that I could do with this!

  11. The painted t shirt is really very nice...
    I like your design and t shirt as well.
    Tank Top

  12. Really love how simple this is for a whole lot of cute.


  13. Really cute! I like the shape you used.the painted t-shirt very nice....


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