Monday, October 24, 2011

Moustaches For Fall

Do you like taking seasonal pictures? I am a little anal about it. I like to "go take pictures" for every season, to document each season (year) of our lives. The kids are growing up SO fast (and I seem to be 'growing' too:) and I love looking back on each year. I don't scrapbook as much as I use to, but I still like having all the pictures.

Picture taking is not a chosen activity of my small brood of men, I have to do a little sweet talkin' with the bigger ones like: "I won't bother you the rest of the day......" and " You can go to the mall after we are done...." and for that little one, it's a little easier....."Yes, you can bring Mickey Mouse."

This year, and I don't know why I haven't tried it before....funny props and in this case; Moustaches! I seriously made these 10 mintues before we left out of black cardstock and skewers.
Is this not hilarious??

Lord help me, he's got {real} facial hair.

This one just cracks me up.

Of course I had to get in on the fun too.

Justin was game too.

The moustaches were a lot of fun and all the guys were enjoying 'taking pictures' and it made all the difference.
Keegan is taking pictures for me here.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you are inspired to get out and take some pictures!

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  1. Great family photos! I totally know what you mean by "sweet talking" your kids. Just this week I owe my daughter a new sweater because I asked to do something she didn't want to do! LOL!

  2. So fun, so cute!! This is great inspiration for our family photos next week!!!

  3. Glad you had fun with the photo shoot! Such a wonderful and humorous idea!

  4. Such beautiful photos! My heavens those boys are handsome :) Keegan is SO grown up! You all are just darling!
    xo, Andrea

  5. Great idea using the moustaches. I have two sons and feel your pain getting them to have their picture taken. My daughter is much more obliging.


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