Wednesday, July 17, 2013

DIY Junk Sign

 Man, It's been a while since I've done a project! I felt pretty good this past couple of days and decided to make this little sign as a gift for a dear friend (don't we all need a reminder to keep dreaming??) I've always admired the 'altered' signs, I just think they look really cool...and it was really easy once I gathered everything I needed. Lucky for me, we went to the Joplin Vintage Market this past weekend and there was a fantastic vendor that had practically anything you could need in salvaged goods (most of them did). Letters, old license plates, chandy crystals, marquee signs, toys, books....all sorts of things. I spent some time picking out letters to spell 'Dream'. The 'D' is not old, I picked it up at Hobby Lobby to mix it up even more and add a little dimension.
So a few things you'll need...although you can completely customize and change it to fit what you find, or the word you chose.
-A mix of letters spelling your choice of word
-A piece of pallet wood or salvaged wood that is big enough for your word
-2 New or old knobs (optional)
-Jute twine (optional)
-E6000 (or your choice of glue)

 Pallet wood:
 Place the letters fairly centered  and straight on the board (or slanted would be neat too) and glue them in place.
 The license plate letter I picked out was a little too big, but a a pair of pliers bent it around the board and it worked out pretty good.
 I found the glass knobs at Hobby Lobby and used them as a means to hang the sign. This is completely up to you though, a saw tooth hanger on the back works just as well. Measure enough jute twine to hang the sign and tie around the knobs.
 Was that easy or what? :)
 I think the only thing that would present a challenge is finding a variety of letters.

 I hope she likes it.

 I want to thank you all for the love and support in light of my recent far as how I've been feeling, I've had some good days and bad days (don't we all?!). Shortness of breath and general abdomen pain is a constant...but that is where the tumors are, so it's to be expected. The trial at MD Anderson will hopefully be starting soon. I learned last week that they have temporarily put it on hold, but I'm praying whatever problems they are having that it works out before I am suppose to go back. Again, thanks for the thoughts and prayers, it means a lot to me.
In kitchen news, the cabinets are all purchased and Justin will be putting them in soon and then I'll be painting's going slower than expected, but that's ok. 
I've also started thinking about Fall for my booth space and really excited about the plans I've got scheming! It is crazy to be thinking of Fall in 90+ degree weather, but I absolutely have to plan ahead. I found a book shelf (about 5' high) that I can't decide whether to paint or not and I'm revamping the armoire that  use to be in Logan's room when he was a baby. Lots of little things happening all at once, some things never change.


  1. What a great project! You just keep swimming, girl.

  2. i pray all your dreams come true~

  3. Michelle,
    You are so right! We all need dreams. Such a cute sign. I know I would love to get it as a gift from a friend. Guess I am now looking for some letters to make christmas gifts.
    Dreams & Prayers, Anna

  4. That is a beautiful sign and has so many possibilities with the word choices too. Now to find some letters lol. Dreaming is good!

  5. love your project! I work for Hallmark so now we're in ornament (yep:Christmas) premiere mode! CRAZY!! Prayers & a hug, Diane

  6. This is just too cha cha for words. Love it!

  7. You are too stinking creative. I'm sure your friend will love it! Always praying for you and you keep staying positive :)

  8. I want to be your friend! :) That sign is so stinkin cute! You are on amazing person, all the trials and tribulations you are going through, you still come up with a project. Amazing woman you are Michelle. I guess when you love what you do it doesn't seem like a project. You are so talented, but I have said that year after year reading your blog. I can not even think of Fall, I am soaking up every day of summer. But I am not a planner like you.

  9. Oh, yes, Michelle, may ALL your dreams come true!! Hugs and prayers, Missouri Barb

  10. Great to hear from you. Still sending loving thoughts and prayers.

  11. I repinned your sign on Pinterest before I realized that you had made it! I love the OK on the license plate. Perfect!

    I will be praying for that pill to be ready to go for you. At church this past weekend, our pastor's sermon was on how we can trust in God's Love, God's Timing, God's Power and God's Plan. I found it to be very encouraging. It will be posted on the website July 21, if you are interested in listening/watching it some time. The series is called Yard Sale which you might get a kick out of.

  12. So good to hear from you again. Love your sign and hope all your best dreams come true. Praying for you as always and can't wait to see your fall booth! Hugs - Lynette

  13. Love that sign--I use to do all kinds of altered alphabets when I was big time into scrapbooking. So much fun! I was always looking for things that look like letters.

    I pray for you everyday :)

  14. So good to hear from you Michelle! Your positive attitude will keep you goin' girl :) And creative projects always make us happy too don't they! Love the sign, it would be cute with so many different sayings. Have a great weekend with your sweet family!
    xoxo, Andrea

  15. Love the way the sign says OK Dream. Like it is permission to dream. or a directive. What a fun extra. I'm still praying for you, lifting you up. Sending you lots of love!

  16. Love the sign Michelle, thanks for showing us all how you put it together. Your friend is going to just love it! Prayers continue for you that you will find a treatment that is effective. Sounds like you are staying busy and creative, both are good for the soul and the body, doing what you love. So glad to hear from you again. Blessings, Linda

  17. I love the sign! I have been collecting Dream signs. We can never dream to much. Sending love and prays your way. I'm hoping you have wonderful week. Hugs to you!

  18. So cool i Love it.It is beautiful.wishes from Germany nina

  19. Dreams can come true. Keep dreaming and I will keep praying for you! Stay positive. You are so creative!


    When you wish upon a star,
    makes no difference who you are
    anything your heart desires
    will come to you.

    If your heart is in your dream,
    No request is too extreme
    when you wish upon a star
    as dreamers do...

    Praying that your dreams come true too!

  21. just wanted to say hi and that I check back here often to see how you are doing. You are in my thoughts and my prayers daily

  22. Love the lettered sign. Your ripples are far reaching...


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