Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day

It has been such a refreshing day today! I spent the day working on my flower beds! During a trip to Wal-mart, I couldn't help notice the wonderful display of fall mums that had arrived! I couldn't resist! The day was so beautiful and I can't think of a better way to say goodbye to Summer than planting mums with the help of my children! Justin was busy mowing the lawn!

I love the spectacular color!

A little stone birdbath

Keegan (my eldest): In charge of sweeping the porch, carrying rocks, and keeping an eye on Logan and Daisy the beagle:)

I planted some of the mums in Terra cotta pots, and some in the ground. I thought that pots in the bed offered some interest. I am no gardener by any means! Here in Missouri there is no shortage of rocks so I incorporated them into my beds. I hope to get some kale and pansies when I can. Budgetary restraints ;)

Logan (my youngest): In charge of playing in the birdbath, running around with daisy the beagle, and digging holes with a trowel

I've always heard to buy the flowers that haven't bloomed yet, but I just loved the color! Instant gratification! I got what I considered middle of the road, a lot of blooms and a lot of buds!

This is my most favorite picture I captured of the beautiful mums!

Summer I will miss you....but Fall is wonderful too!

Thanks for coming by! I hope you all had a wonderful Labor Day!


  1. Well, I am a what I consider a gardener, and putting pots in flower beds does add heighth and interest. Yours look great! You're right: nothing says fall like some pots of mums. The photos you took are quite spectacular too!

  2. Oh my stars, I love all your photographs! I really like the BIG size of them. You've got some really handsome boys helping you out there in the garden. Speaking of gardens...that last photo knocked my socks off!

  3. Your photos are lovely,and so are your flowers!! Can't believe summer is behind us! All the best,Chrissy

  4. very sweet. your boys are adorable and the flowers look great.

    happy almost-autumn to you!


  5. This was a great post!
    Beautiful boys! Beautiful flowers!
    Now I'm off to kiss my grandson good-night, and then tomorrow I'll be buying some mums!
    All the best,


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