Saturday, September 26, 2009

DIY Terra Cotta Pedestal

It's Metamorphosis Monday! I'm joining Susan at Between Naps on the Porch...

Is it OK that I let my pictures do ~some~ of the talking?

My day off was too short. So I only have a small project, which is kind of a usual thing, for me anyway, there are no kitchen remodels, or room makeovers in the near future for me...but what is unusual is that I'm joining Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality to show off some thrifty love and people just wait till you see............

But first a Metamorphosis..............

I needed a stand for a cloche that I have and wanted to find something on the cheap to put it on, better yet, I wanted to make something............

Terra cotta saucers are inexpensive and easily painted. So I measured the circumference of my cloche and off to the gettin' place to buy some saucers.

You'll notice that I have purchased to fit the cloche on and the smaller one to flip over for the stand, or foot, which ever you prefer........

I use E6000 to glue most things, for me it works the best.

Glue the smaller saucer to the bigger one and let that cure

I wanted to paint mine white, but any color would do......I used standard acrylic paint.

I let the paint almost dry, and took a damp cloth and removed some of the paint around the edges. I didn't want to use sandpaper because, if you've ever worked with terra cotta you know it sands off too, right along with the paint. I did a wash of watered down burnt umber and let it dry over night.

OK pictures......take it from here!

Just think of the possibilities!

On to some Thrifty Love.............

On my way home from getting my hair cut on Saturday , I wasn't going to stop, I swear I wasn't, I could see it coming up on the left....I was just going to keep driving.......but then some how I ended up in the turning lane and somehow I parked right in front of the Goodwill and I'm not really sure how it happened...I must have blacked out...but since I was there, I thought I'd go ahead on in.

This is what I found:
Do you see this b-e-a-utiful soup tureen? Well it wasn't this beautiful when I found it, but It washed up wonderfully.............$3.00

Silver tray.....$2.00

Next, I'm lovin' this divided little bowl........$2.00.....can't you just see black olives on one side and green on the other?

OK, I know this is going to be hard to believe but I scored a turkey platter..........$4.00.........Isn't it a beaut? When I got home my husband mention how long my hair appointment was and why did I bring home a platter with a rooster on you know why I'm here......


Well there you have it....thanks for joining me, I know this has been terribly long.

Be sure to visit Susan and Rhoda and all the participants, thank you for hosting ladies!

P.S. I am inching closer and closer to my 100th post and I've got a giveaway in the works, stay tuned!


  1. Wonderful job on the terracotta! The results are really beautiful!
    And aren't you so happy you stopped by Goodwill?! What a perfect white pumpkin soup tureen and turkey platter at just the right time of year! I love all your other treasure finds too!
    All the best,

  2. Hi,

    Nice to meet you. Love your terra cotta project.
    Cool turkey platter.


  3. Nice job on the cloche base. I'm going to have to get me some of that glue. Everyone is using it.

  4. Love your cloche! The planter dish was the perfect solution for a bottom! ~Rhonda :)

  5. Wow! What a great idea for the terra cotta pieces. It looks amazing!

  6. Love your tranformation with the pots, that would make a great 3 tier stand ! Love the white pumpkin jar, much cuter than the one I just got! Stop by for a visit sometime!

  7. So beautiful. Your pictures talk great. Thanks for sharing. I'm having a giveaway tomorrow. Stop by and enter to win if you get a chance.

  8. Love your little makeover! It looks great, and it's a great idea! The tureen and turkey platter are to die for!! Great scores!

  9. What a fantastic idea! I love this!

  10. You are brilliant with the saucers! I am going to try this with my cloche thing tomorrow. Thank you!

    Great finds too:)

  11. I've gotta get me a cloche too! Looks great!


  12. Hi Love it all... you did a great job on your cloche....

  13. Hi Michelle !
    I love that stand - great job !!! I also love your thrifty finds !

  14. wow.......... i love everything !!

  15. Michelle, I am so glad you visited my blog because it led me to yours! I love it!! What a great idea to use the terra cotta saucers for bases for our cloches!! I would have NEVER thought of that!! And that soup tureen?? OMG!! I LOVE soup tureens! You just did awesome!

    I am a folower girl!!

    Lou Cinda ;)

  16. Clever idea using the terracotta base and it looks terrific painted shabby white!

  17. Wow I love this idea. And I too tend to have long hair cut appointment. It's a woman thing!
    I will be posting close ups of the ghost and the wreaths on the doors; on friday.

  18. Thanks for the creative solution for all the cloches that I have picked up thrifting. Your blog is beautiful...and you are blessed with amazing creativity!

  19. I love this! Brilliant! I have 2 cloches that are base-less. Thank you.

  20. Wonderful idea! I am feeling so inspired to decorate for fall!

  21. So I'm a little behind (like more than a year) but I have just discovered blogs and all the magic that they hold...and I LOVE your's! You have awesome taste and wonderful idea's & I am looking at our home with brand new eyes! Thank you for inspiring me!


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