Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Laurel Resolution

You might remember my indecisiveness about which color to paint the metal laurels above my windows in the living room, so much so that I actually painted one black and one white. Thanks for all the feed back on this too, someone suggested painting them the wall color and I contemplated that for a while as well. Why I can put together an entire room and then get stuck on a minute detail, I'll never know...but stuck I was.

I lived with my ying and yang for a while, and finally it occurred to me what the problem was. The curtain rods. They are decent rods, nickel finish with a little bauble on the end, nice enough, but they just don't belong. We are also going to go ahead and blame my indecisiveness on them too, while we're at it!

No, I didn't paint them, although I would've, but I had black rods hanging in the kitchen, so I robbed those and went ahead and changed my Summer panels for my winter ones....

...and then I was happy. It's a miracle.

The laurels are from the garden dept. at Hobby Lobby earlier this year and Justin drilled holes in them so I could hang them upright. Standard procedure: Clean metal primer and gloss black.
Can you see my pet peeve in this shot? I am going shopping for fabric to lengthen those panels, I hope to find some. And when I do, I'm gonna have to get behind that sewing machine. again. ugh.Next week, I'll show you how to embellish branches from your yard

...and I've been racking my brain on what to have a giveaway on and it finally occurred to me, I can't wait to share it with you, next week!


  1. Wow you are right. It is all in the details my friend. Look wonderful

  2. Very pretty, Michelle! I think I was voting for the darker color. Maybe you'll get lucky and find a trim that is long enough and you can just fabric glue it on the drapes! : )

  3. Oh yeah, those little details drive me crazy too. I can spend hours, days, weeks trying to figure things out. You did a fantastic job!

  4. The black looks perfect with your mirror on your fireplace. Good luck with the drapes, I have the same problem in my bedroom. Drives me crazy.
    I haven't found the right fabric yet to lengthen them.

  5. Michelle,
    Your room looks so wonderful!
    Great plan to change out the rods and drapes!
    Dee Dee

  6. Hi Michelle! Oh, I love your laurels and the color looks beautiful! Your room is just gorgeous!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  7. Looks fantastic! Great idea switching the rods. I think the dark laurels really pop!

  8. I love how everything is turning out!


  9. It's so funny how one can become fixated on one thing, only to find the solution somewhere else all together. Who would have thought! It looks great!!

  10. I enjoy sewing when I can get myself seated in that chair. It's just getting to that point! I adore everything you do. That fireplace is stunning!

  11. I agree, once you changed the curtain rods, black was perfect. I love the look of the room!

  12. neither color would have been perfect until you changed those rods.. you have and amazing eye for detail

  13. Great job and good choice. Changing the curtain rods was just the thing to do!


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