Sunday, December 5, 2010

Noel & Joy Ornaments

I've been making some super simple ornaments this weekend that I'm going to share with you this week right up until Thursday, when a total tree reveal will transpire. :) I hope you'll join me starting today (Sunday) through Wednesday to see some simple ornaments that you can create with mostly things around the house. Today's ornament is made of just that. You just might think I'm crazy (I am a little, it's OK), but during Thanksgiving, while shoveling out one of many slices of pumpkin pie and dolloping huge spoons of whipped topping (Martha if you are reading, I know I'm suppose to make topping from scratch, but I just can't) an idea hit me.

I looked at the little scalloped paper thingy in the lid that comes out, it usually has recipes on the back, however this particular brand is blank. I thought to myself: What a pretty scalloped edge this has...I bet I could make something out of this.
So here is what you'll need:
Whipped Topping paper lid thing (or cut your own shape from card stock)
Martha Stewart Glitter (Brownstone and Silver)
Chipboard letters
Narrow Ribbon
Mod Podge
Paint Brush
Scrap booking paper
Glue Gun

First, glitter the edges of the paper lid with brownstone glitter and Mod Podge. Of course you can use any color of glitter that you want. See how nice the scallops stand out with the glitter? Cute.

You may need to do a second coat of glitter, on some parts of the lid, for complete coverage. Don't worry about if the paper lid rolls (a little), when it dries, it will flatten back out. I used the glitter bottle to hold it down.

Cut a circle of coordinating paper and glue in center of paper lid.

Select what letters you want to use and glitter with silver glitter. I mixed up the fonts to add a little interest. This is a great way to use up some of the odd ball letters you might have, doesn't matter the shape or color, the glitter will tie it all together. Glue the letters on, I used hot glue this time since the chipboard is a little heavier.

I forgot to mention that the paper lid has a little cutout, just make sure it is towards the top. This is where you'll attach the hanger. Create a hanger with narrow ribbon, I used a glue gun to attach it. Glue one end to the front and the other end to the back, it looks nice and tailored that way, the ribbon is about 6 inches long.

To make the ornament a little sturdier, I glued a round piece of cardboard (I cut from a pizza box) to the back, although, it's not necessary, the paper lid is fairly thick, about poster board weight. I painted the cardboard with burnt umber craft paint, just to clean it up a bit. Again, this was just to make it a little more sturdy.

It's all done and ready to hang! I think it looks fantastic, and I really love the color! Of course this coordinates with my tree, what colors can you use?

Thanks so much for stopping by, I hope you are inspired!
Stop by tomorrow for another simple ornament idea. See you then!

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  1. It looks gorgeous. Brownstone is my go to glitter color!

  2. What a great idea....Im a huge fan of repurposing items to avoid more trash in landfills. Great job!

  3. so pretty! Even I can do this. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I love your combination of glitter colors. These are very pretty!

  5. Isn't it amazing where some of our inspiration comes from? Those are too cute! Thanks for the tutorial, it looks pretty easy and fun to do.

  6. Gorgeous! I love that color of glitter! I will def. attempt this goodness. :)

  7. I truly never thought to use that paper thingy! Love it! How scrappy, too ;o)

  8. Loving your blog. Thought I'd share an award :)

  9. Holy cow these are so cute. I will not look at a Cool Whip contianer the same again. Thanks

  10. Love these! I would've never thought to use the paper from the Cool Whip lid.

  11. These are so cute!!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  12. Lovely ornament, and indeed so simple! :)

  13. So pretty Michelle. I can't believe they are lids! Thanks so much for linking to the party - I greatly appreciate it! I featured these today. Hope you have a lovely week! ~ Stephanie Lynn

  14. This is so adorable. I love the rustic flair to it. Very creative.

    Elisabeth @ Treasuring the

  15. What a unique idea. The Bavarian Christmas linky party is still open-won’t you come and join us at and while you are there join the give-a-ways going on.

  16. So cute! I LOVE that you used the whipped topping label...genius! :)

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  18. I made some of these based on your design and thought you might like to see them. They aren't as nice as yours since I only used what I had on hand, but they worked. Thanks for the idea!


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