Saturday, December 18, 2010

Outdoor Decorating

I thought I would give you a peek of what decorating I've done on the outside of the house. Lord knows it's not much. We live in a great neighborhood, in a small house on a corner lot.
I painted the shutters this past summer, I can't remember whether I told you that or not. They were a washed out blue-green color original to this 12 year old house. I spray painted them black and painted the front door black as well. You might think I'm crazy, but I took Daisy here as inspiration! I was nervous about painting the shutters black, but I thought to myself, if this color pallet looks good on a beagle, it will look good on the house. That's no joke! See for yourself:

How perfect! So the next time you need inspiration on changing the exterior of your house, take a look at your dog, it just might be the answer you need!! Ha ha! :)
I hung a wreath on the big window and I made swags for the shutters.
These are the same type of swags that I have in my Etsy Shop.

I put several stumps along the walk way, they look cool by themselves, but I will be putting my glass vases with candles on them this weekend for a little gathering we are having.
Can you see what this little snowman is made out of? It's an interlocking paver! I bought it at Cecil Floyd Arts and Crafts festival here, I think it's a great project and the artist even personalized it!
More stumps and vases by the front door. You might remember the 'junk drawer' I found at Barnyard Days this fall, I laid some small logs and slices in the bottom, and hung a chalkboard platter right above it. I made a wreath for the front door too.
I added some pine and berries to soften everything up.
On the right hand side, I tied up three logs with ribbon and added some pine and pine cones. You can't see it in this picture, but a small 3' tree is there too.

Here is an evening shot, you can see the little tree now. I put some lights around the door and that's about it! I customized my colored lights to red and green and clear. I just took out the blue and orange light bulbs and bought enough replacement bulbs to fill in with red and green and clear!
Isn't it pretty all lit up?

My monogrammed doormat still holding up.

Thanks so much for stopping by! I have a wonderful outdoor Winter Tablescape posting early next week featuring another camp blanket and these great stumps, I can't wait to show you!



  1. Beautiful! I think I am inspired. I think I need to make my front door a little more inviting. Thanks.

  2. LOVE your outdoor decor! I'm always challenged to decorate "tastefully" outdoors. You pull it off nicely! Merry Christmas and I really enjoy reading your blog.

  3. Ha, I LOVE how you made your house match your Beagle :) So cute. And the house does look fantastic! I bet most people don't even consider black an option for any part of their house, but it looks great!

    And your dog is pretty cute, too!

  4. Your home looks so welcoming! Love the natural elements. It just draws you right in - perfect!

  5. Gorgeous! Just driving by your house would put anyone in the spirit of the season. Merry Christmas!

  6. Love your outdoor decorations! Everything looks gorgeous! I love how you used the tree stumps with the candles, such a beautiful combination!

  7. I love it! You have inspired me!

  8. I have to get my silver chalkboarded tray out. Love everything you did.

  9. Love all your details!

    I especially love your color inspiration! He's adorable (did he get paid for his help?!)!

  10. Michelle,
    It all looks those swags! Hop over the share your decor at my OPEN HOUSE...hope to see ya there:) Love your I'm going to follow along. Merry Christmas to you and your family.


  11. Michelle, that cracked me up about your color inspiration from your dog. Classic, but hey you are right, the colors are perfect. And so are your decorations. I love the snowman paver, people are so creative! Everything looks beautiful and festive against the black shutters and door, job well done.

  12. So pretty and the dog color palette inspiration is awesome!!!!

  13. Your outdoor decorating is great. I love the use of the logs in all your pieces. it makes it all so very cohesive! Beautiful.

  14. I love how you made your decor- so pretty! I had to laugh at the picture you showed of your dog- with the colors having the roof, shutters and house on it.. I think it is true, when you see colors working together, you can use the combination elsewhere- maybe the dog should get an extra biscuit for the inspiration :)

  15. How very wonderfully clever of you to use the beagle for your inspiration. If it works in nature - - - it WORKS!

    Thanks for sharing!

  16. Very pretty Michelle!
    Stopped by via Sunday Showcase~~~

    Have a blessed Christmas:)

    Kay Ellen


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