Tuesday, June 7, 2011

DIY Table Runner

As promised, I wanted to share how I made my custom table runner using upholstery weight fabric. I am by no means a real sewer, I liked what Jessica said the other day: "I'm comfortable in my sewing mediocrity" I laughed and totally agreed.

I have been really enjoying these runners, I've made two so far and and love the look. I have a slight fabric addition and usually buy fabric by the yard to make pillows or something, but runners are a great idea too, and take just under a yard. I like the upholstery weight fabric because it just seems more custom to me, and I like the 54" width too. So go ahead and select your fabric and we'll get to work....

I don't have a pattern but I used a store bought runner as a guide for width and the point detail (I really like that). I left the fabric folded in half and cut leaving a seam allowance.

I am able to get two cuts out of one yard with just a tad left over. I decided that I wanted to have a nice neutral backing and used Osnaburg fabric for the backing (found at Walmart or Hobby Lobby).

Next, open the halves and sew together, making it nice and long. At this point, the fabric is measuring at approximately 108" long. The Osnaburg fabric is not as wide as the upholstery fabric, so I had to piece the together.

Take the fabric to the ironing board and iron the seam open like this:
This helps the fabric stay nice and flat.

I used the existing runner as a guide for the point, but just folding it in a 45 degree angle would be just as easy.

I pinned the Osnaburg and upholstery fabric together, right sides facing (although the Osnaburg is pretty reversible).

I pinned pretty heavy because to was so long and I didn't want it to shift at all. Sew all the way around the runner leaving a 6-8" opening on one of the sides. Once the sewing is complete, turn the fabric right side out. It will look a little puffy, for lack of better word, but ironing will make it nice and crisp.

After flipping it out and ironing, I closed the opening using heat and bond. On this runner I did a top stitch, but I didn't on the first one. I think it's just a matter of opinion. I thought the Waverly fabric was busy enough without adding another 'line', so I didn't do a top stitch.

I like the point, I added a button to the finished ones, but that's a matter of preference too

Can you tell I like green and white? :)

I like how long these are, great for our outdoor table, and looks nice when the extra leaf is in the kitchen table. Customize yours to what you need....

...and then do a pretty tablescape.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you're inspired to try this project. Because of the length of this tute, I didn't include how I created matching napkin rings, but it's in the works, so look for it soon!

If you have any questions, let me know.

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  1. Love your fabrics!! I love green and white also!

  2. Alright, thats what my next project will be! Thanks for the inspiration!!

  3. I love your table runners and I'm totally inspired by your tutorial! This looks like the perfect project to tackle while my kiddo is at summer school. Thank you!

  4. Very pretty, Michelle! I love the green and white especially for the warmer months ~ it just looks so fresh and crisp.

  5. Thanks for the post! I'm about to make the same runner (also using a bright green and white fabric), but I'm adding a coordinating brown 2 inch border around it!

  6. Beaut6iful! I wish I could sew better, but we all aren't gifted that way! :)

  7. Nice fabric choices. Can you clarify the seam of the two pieces, is it in the middle of the runner?

  8. Dee, thank you and yes the seam is in the middle.

  9. I love the green and white!

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  11. I love the fabrics you chose and thanks for the tutorial...this could definitely save me some money!

  12. I LOVE this post! So much goodness, all of the table runner fabric is nice.

  13. Terrific table runners. I've never tried to make one before as I was a little intimidated, but your tutorial makes it look very do-able.

    Thanks so much for sharing your expertise.

  14. Love these! And your instructions are so easy to follow. Thanks so much for sharing- I'm visiting from the CSI project

  15. Very nice!! This will be one of my first projects on my new Janome!


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