Thursday, November 17, 2011

Smoky Quartz Tablescape

This by far might be my favorite table inspiration to date. Ever. It is certainly different than what I typically do, especially for Fall, I usually like a lot of color....but....after finding my Mother's vintage Libbey frosted leaf glassware in storage, I decided to set the table for her. In loving memory.

My mom was a perfectionist, and liked the table set a certain way and while she might shake her head at some of the elements I've used, I think she would delight in a formal place setting. I have never gone this formal before....I even broke out my wedding flatware!

Mom's collection of the Libbey glassware is pretty big, I only used the wine glass and cooler here, but there is also a beverage glass, and juice glass. I remember loving it as a kid (from afar :).

This is the flatware I received as a wedding gift, this is the first time it's seen the light of day in many's too so fancy!

I did a very simple centerpiece. It might shock you to learn that the beautiful metal filigree hurricane is actually a vintage wastebasket (without the original liner) circa 1965. I found it at an estate sale and thought it would make a beautiful centerpiece, and yes, I cleaned it well. :) I used one of my cylinder vases inside to house a single column candle. Around the centerpiece, I used porcelain antlers that I found on a recent trip to St. Louis. I love these and have never seen porcelain ones before!

The dinner plate, fairly modern, in a olive/brown color, white salad plate, and magnolia leaf place markers. I glittered little tiny pumpkins to go along with it. I just used a Sharpie to write every ones name.

I picked up these fresh roses just to add a hint of seasonal color.

You might notice that I have made yet another table runner. I absolutely refuse to blog about it because, how many runners can one person make, I mean really. In this case, I wanted to try my hand at a ruffled runner, and I threw in some fringing just for fun. I should have used a tutorial from somewhere, but I just winged it. Apparently, I'm going to teach myself how to sew if it kills me. Notice (again) that I used the same fabric for the runner as I did on the chairs. I used the additional yardage I bought as 'back up' for the chair covers, in case any accidents happened, so I could just swap it out....which is not the right thing to do, but I did it anyway. I just decided that it was silly to have the fabric, just waiting for accidents, I am going to make something. Hopefully it won't bite me in the butt.

I think that mom would be contented to sit at this table. Enjoying Thanksgiving dinner.

After doing my Magnolia Leaf Wreath, I decided to hang it on my hutch. I just couldn't see it enough with it hanging on the front door, so I moved it in. :)

I found this beautifully fantastical phantasmagorical ribbon at Be forewarned though, I was so captivated by it's beauty that I did not read that there was only 17 feet on a roll (I mean who sells 17 feet of ribbon, hu?) which based on the price is OUTRAGEOUS very bad. Saving grace? It really is gorgeous and made of linen in Germany, ok, ok, ok...but I will not be duped again.

So how are you liking the neutral coloration for fall? Do you like it?...or are you missing the color?

I hope you're inspired and thanks for stopping by.

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  1. I LOVE it! The silver pumpkins are the perfect little touch!

  2. It looks fantastic! My mom has a set of those very same glasses and they've been in her china cabinet for years, unused. Perfect for fall!

  3. Looks fabulous! Beautifully done!

  4. This was just beautiful. I loved the tribute to your Mother, I know she'd be pleased. I love the memories attached more than I love the things, sometimes I get a little weepy setting out things from my Gramma and missing her still, almost 20 years later. Thanks for the inspiration.

    I think your sewing is just fine! For not being a "sewer" you are very creative and it's working like you've been sewing forever!

  5. Michele..your table is beautiful....those glasses trigger a warm and fond memory of my Grandmother's table...they were her 'good' glasses. LoL

  6. Hi Michelle, your table is extremely it.New follower.
    Audrey at

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  8. I'm so glad that you've taken out your wedding silver flatware. It is gorgeous and works perfectly with your design elements. I hope that you'll be encouraged to use this elegant pattern often. Your table is sophisticated and beautiful. Your mom is surely smiling, and she's so glad that she bought the Libby glasses so many years ago. Thank you for inviting us for a peak. I may copy your magnolia leaf place cards. Cherry Kay

  9. It 's gorgeous and that centerpiece is very creative. Talking about trash to treasure! The neutral palette is very serene and I have got to get on board with making runners. Have a peaceful holiday.

  10. Michelle, I have some of these glasses too-they are packed away -"I don't want anything to happen to them" ( isn't that silly ) after seeing your table setting I think I just may use them for Thanksgiving -Where did you get your dinner plates? Dinner napkins? I LOVE your table runner!

  11. Thanks everyone!

    Anon, I got the dinner plates from Dollar Tree several years ago, the napkins are from C&F Enterprises, which I think Bed Bath and Beyond carries. I think the pattern is called Seraphina, {{{I think}}}What you see is actually the back of the napkin, they are reversible....the front has a large floral pattern, but I bought them for that lattice pattern :)

  12. I love the soft neutral colours and your magnolia leaf wreath is gorgeous. I can see why you didn't want it outside where you can't enjoy it.

  13. Your pretty table makes me wish I had saved our Libby glasses. Nice way to honor and remember your Mother

  14. Your wreath is stunning...and the table is very pretty! Happy Thanksgiving!

  15. You MADE that wreath???? Hats off to you! I applaud your tenacity. I would have glued two leaves and called it a day! That had to have taken hours!!! It's beautiful!!! As for the runner, you are really rockin' it with this one!!! I think that in the long run you will be very happy you decided to go ahead and use the fabric for something you can enjoy in the here and now. Your Mom would be proud and pleased that you took the time to create such a pretty table in her memory.

  16. OMG!! Love this tablescape...I especially LOVE the placesetting - the contrast between the glitzy pumpkins and the rustic placecard is super chic!! This is definitely my favorite Thanksgiving tablesetting!!!


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