Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Christmas Touches and Details

Thank you so much for all the lovely, and funny comments on my "Twas the night before Christmas" poem. I just had to do it that way you just can't blurt that sort of thing out, you must create a poem when you find a deal like that!. :) The funny thing is, and this goes to show what a goofy goober I am, the day after I came up with the poem, I couldn't stop talking to myself in rhyme. Everything had and exclamation mark too. :) I probably have some sort of disorder that my inner dialogue rhymes all the time, anyone heard of that?


I would like to offer more pictures (cause you know I can't stop) and some links and details and some sources, although, most everything has been collected over time.

I know that it is always a battle between fresh or faux, but too many people in my family has tree allergies, so faux we go (dang it, there I go again).
Even as a kid, mom and dad both were allergic and we always had an artificial tree. My sister still uses Mom's tree to this day.
I used my pinecone topiaries on the mantle. As soon as I made them, I knew exactly where they would end up, I really love them. Someone commented that they had seen something similar at Target, so I was in there the other day and they are so painted and glittered that you could barely tell they were pinecone petals. I highly recommend the DIY version. :)
See how to make your own HERE

I even made a third one using a 14" cone. I put all three of them on candle holders because the ceilings are high in the living room, so for me, the taller the better,

I have a collage wall over the sofa and while I didn't change the arrangement, I did change the fall tree prints. I found this botanical book at an auction that had illustrated pictures, so I used three pictures of conifers. I kept the same frame and matting, just put in the pine pictures. The fall trees are just behind now.

My block art still looks good as the centerpiece. Check out how I made it HERE.

When I saw this owl pillow cover at West Elm, I just had to splurge (sorry it's no longer available). It is embroidered with a button closure. I think he looks really cute and the perfect colors too.

I made the Noel banner just like I made my Fall one using burlap and painted the lettering. I added a couple of rusty bells on the end for fun.

I found this fantastic wood grain ribbon at Joann's. After the tornado, they set up a satellite store at the Mall, which I despise going to (the mall that is)...but I needed some burlap for the Noel garland. So I ran in and found this great ribbon. It must have been destiny. I joined it with some platinum netting ribbon that I found at Michael's. I know not everyone is into ribbon, but for me it's like 2 1/2" wide fabric. :)
I stuck some other platinum floral and sticks around the ribbon to help balance off just how big around the tree is. I tried to use the the finial topper that I have (you can see it HERE), but it was just too small.

These glittery feathers are new this year too. I found them at Michael's. They've got all kinds of crazy colors, but then I saw the brown ones...they add a lot of texture. They bend and twist too, which I thought was great.

I have collected all sorts of pinecone ornaments and my favorites are these ginormous ones. They are 10" long, so they demand a little extra attention. I tied a little bow and added some rusty jingle bells (Hobby Lobby) and a touch of floral.

I get lots of emails about the mirrors in the firebox....they are 4" mirror tiles usually found with candle holders at places like Hobby Lobby. I think they are suppose to be candleholders, but they are just small versions of beveled tiles to me. I used hot glue to adhere them because I don't want them to be permanent. Not too bad looking for a non-working fireplace, candles are the next best thing to a fire, right? :)

I'm still putting some Christmas touches in the kitchen, so I will share that next week.
I've got a tablescape coming tomorrow and a fun craft for the weekend.

Come back!

My other Handmade Ornaments on the tree:

Need a design boost? For advice and guidance on style, contact me!


  1. Just absolutely beautiful!!!!!

  2. Please come to CA and decorate my home! You are the best! :)

  3. Beautiful Michelle! Love the green and brown so elegant!

  4. I love and adore your conifer pictures! Did you take them yourself? And your fireplace with the mirrors is stunning.

  5. I love it ALL...I love your style and the way that you put everything together. I get so EXCITED when I see an email telling me you have done a post...I read it fast and then go back and look at the pictures about 100 times:) You inspire me...and the colors combination is fantastic!

  6. I had to go back and read your poem and see your wonderful tree. My tree was a dollar at an auction this summer, so I know how great a bargain feels! I love all the browns. I did my tree in browns one year and when I saw the ornaments this year, I still really loved all that rich color. Everything in your home looks so beautiful.

  7. Thank you so much everyone!

    Ashley, if I wasn't 1500 miles away, I would! ;)
    Korrie, the conifers are pages from an old botanical book that I just framed.

  8. Fabulous as usual! I will wait to see how you've decorated to begin mine. What talent and style you have.
    Thanks so much for the ideas!
    Would you consider tutoring us to make that tree topper?


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