Thursday, December 1, 2011

Yuletide Christmas {Tablescape}

Are you getting ready for the Holiday season? Dragging out the tubs, untangling lights, and fluffing your mantle with Christmas finery? Well thank you for taking the time to stop by for some inspiration!

I was thinking the other day, what are quintessential Christmas elements? The first things that come to mind for berries, pine, pine cones, and plaid. In gathering all those things, I headed outside to create a Yuletide Christmas.

This is actual frost on the centerpiece...I left it on the table and the next morning it was frosty and I couldn't resist snapping a couple pictures. It makes the berries look so real!

For the centerpiece, that I always love creating, I used an old metal log holder. It's kinda big, so I started off with long branches. Then filled in with pine and berries and finished it off with a small ribbon. A classic hourglass hurricane on a brass holder provides a little candlelight, off to the side.

The tablecloth was a recent find at Big Lots. I zeroed right in on the plaid, although they have other styles.

Herringbone napkins that I've had for a while, they show up for any occasion that calls for red. The napkin rings I created by wrapping a plain plastic napkin ring (from the dollar store) with plaid ribbon and a little hot glue.

Twiggy chargers from Mary Carol Home Collection, love these and use them a lot. Flatware is from Target, although I think I've seen this style everywhere now.

Simple white plates with a little pearl detail around the edge, also from the Dollar Tree, last year.

I love how the centerpiece turned out, something a little unexpected and certainly festive.

The snowflake glasses were a find from last year at the Dollar Tree.
These are actually in everyday use, they are the perfect size for eggnog. Which we love and drink all the time, except for Keegan, he doesn't like it at all.

The candle lit at night...

So what are the elements that make a quintessential Christmas for you? Are you like me and love the traditional things?

I hope you've enjoyed my Yuletide Christmas!

Joining Susan for Tablescape Thursday

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  1. Hi Michelle,
    You have a very lovely table here, and puts me in the mood to do a christmas table. Absolutely loved your centerpiece, very nice and very traditional looking and beautiful.
    I think of all the same things you do, accept, we can have real pine in the house, we are allergic,
    I love the smell of it, but I will have a headache in no time!! lol So we must use baked Christmas cookie scent or anything that doesn't include pine. Love the look of it too..........
    so it is fake pine for us!! lol

    A very nice job hon,
    May you have a Blessed Christmas Season,

  2. wow I love your beautiful plaid..nothing says holidays like plaid and red berries and love it with the black touches...

  3. So beautiful; I'm loving the reds--and me, too, I'm posting a plaid thingy tomorrow. Your postings are gorgeous!

  4. I love red, I'm loving your entire table, specially the pretty centerpiece. I adore the plaid, just terrific, elegant and cozy. Lots of hugs, I'm visiting from TT. FABBY

  5. Your tables are always so gorgeous!!

  6. Very pretty and you scored some great bargains.

  7. Michelle..I am loving the snowflake glasses and the inspiring!

  8. I think you nailed it! Nothing beats natural, traditional red and green and tartan.

  9. I'm with you on the traditional Christmas! Love your plaid and your centerpiece is beautiful!!!

  10. What a wonderful setting! I plan to go to Big Lots soon, hope I can find a plaid tablecloth! I love the idea making cookies and fudge and having fresh cut greens around...not that I do any of these things, but maybe someday!

  11. How pretty. Love your plaid tablecloth and the centerpiece you made is so festive. Lovely.

  12. Totally gorgeous Michelle! Every single element you chose to use in your setting works so beautifully! The table is truly festive.

  13. Beautiful the tartan!

  14. Your centerpiece turned out great, Michelle! It has a VERY Christmas-y look about it! Beautiful tablecloth, too. From Big Lots, huh? You got a really good one. I have never been able to find much of anything there. Good job! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  15. LOVE this table has such a warmth about it. Thanks for the great inspiration.

  16. LOVE the tablecloth! That's quite a find!! Table looks beautiful!

  17. I've been looking all over for glasses like that!!! I need 8 for a table I'm doing on friday.

  18. Love your Yuletide centerpiece!

  19. this is wonderful! Inspiring and informative...


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