Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas Party at the Coleman Theatre

Last week, I had the privilege of doing some centerpieces for a corporate party of 80. It was held at the Historic Coleman Theatre in Miami (pronounced MY-AM-AH)Oklahoma. I had never been to the Coleman Theatre so I thought that you would like to come along too, it was a real treat. The theatre was owned and operated by the Coleman's and opened it's doors in the spring of 1929. After many, many years of service the theatre was donated to the city of Miami in 1989. Since then it has been on the long road to restoration. Their motto is: "We don't own anything. We hold it in trust for the next generation"

I'll show you what I did for the party first. The centerpiece for the dessert table was simple, yet tall. I used a combination of birch branches, real pine/cedar and red berries. Aren't the baby poinsettias cute nestled around the base?

I wish I could have eaten seen all the desserts circling the arrangement

I decided to stay very traditional for the centerpieces. With the the ballroom dripping with Louis XV design, I certainly could not have gone rustic or modern in the least. Traditional 14" Hurricane shades and fresh pine and cedar, red berries and....can you see what else I used?

I hand painted magnolia pods gold and nestled them in with the pine. I harvested them the same day I made my Magnolia Leaf Wreath. The night before the party, I'm making the candle's getting late and around 11 o'clock, I'm thinking, thinking, thinking on how I can bring in some gold. I didn't want to use gold ornaments, I think they would have come off looking cheesy in such a room, I remembered the pods I had collected and knew that would do the trick. So the pods got a paint job. I really love how they turned out and they really added an unusual element to the centerpieces, and I got my gold. :)

The party only took up one end of the expansive ballroom

Now let's talk about some of the details of the Coleman. Take a look at that gold ceiling and the crystal chandeliers! Fancy, hu?

This was the chandy in the two story foyer (you know I have a weakness for light fixtures). This thing was ginormous (although small compared to the one in the theatre)!

Just look at it! See!?! See!?! :)

Gold carved chairs in which only to look at, your bottom may not reside on it's silken coverings.

Ok, I was slightly obsessed with the chandy and it's not even my style! The stairs going down to the first floor, I know you can't really see it well, but the carpets have the Coleman initials creating an over all pattern through out the whole theatre. From what the lady told me, they found the original rug manufacturer from 1929 and had all the carpets restored, cool hu?

Coleman Initials, inlaid granite I think.( View from the second story)

Some interior shots on the theatre side. This is out in the lobby. Opening day for the theatre was April 18, 1929...can you imagine being one of the 1600 people in attendance that day so long ago?

I didn't get to take any shots in the actual theatre there was a production going on the day I was there, but take a look at pictures on their website click HERE. The Wurlitzer was completely restored (all 790 pipes!!) and the story of it's travels (yes, a traveling organ) is really fascinating. The giant chandelier in the theatre, they told me, was found in a barn, brought back to the theatre and fully restored. I thought it was so sweet that the grandson of the electrician that originally hung the chandelier was the one that helped hang it again.

Some exterior shots which I think are really a big part of the charm for me. The Spanish Revival exterior really stands out in the center of town. Since moving to Missouri, and coming from a fishing town in North Carolina, learning about mining towns have become really facinating for me! You would not see this style of building on the outer banks!

Isn't it beautiful? I am so glad that I got a chance to visit the Coleman Theatre (I would have never known about it if not for the party!). It is a continuing restoration process and what has been done thus far is monumental and really fantastic.

If you ever get a chance, stop by, you'll see what I mean!

P.S. Thank you so much for commenting and stopping by the Christmas tour, I really appreciate it!

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  1. I work for a textile company based out of Tulsa and we did a photoshoot for one of our national ads at the Coleman. It truly is a historic gem. I loved exploring the building and I'm so glad that they have put so much passion and hard work into restoring it. It really is a special place!

    PS- your centerpieces are beautiful!


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