Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas Tree 2011

I've shown you quite a few pictures of the Christmas tree (hope you don't mind more)....When you live in a small place, it's hard to just zero in on one thing, like just the tree or just the mantle...you take one picture and you've captured the whole room. So let's go waaay back

down to the bare bones, all 8' of bones, pre-fluffed. With the acquisition of the new tree (read about it HERE) I had to rethink the space plan in the living room altogether. The sectional and rug were shifted down 3' and the tree still looks a little shoved in the corner. Last year the tree was in the opposite corner of the living room, but there was no way this tree was going to fit there. I didn't even get to use my Christmas tree Planter that I made last year, but luckily, I ended up using it at my booth space, so it worked out OK.
Moving right along....

Fluffed, scratched up arms and 1200 lights later and it's ready to decorate! Finally. I even had to move out the white dresser that is usually in that space, but left the mirror hanging to bounce a little light around.

Old and new ornaments fill every branch and I added some new faux bois ribbon to the mix. I'm not really sure what 'theme' the tree is....I suppose woodland would be a word, rustic, another, with just a shot of glam? Who knows. I do know there is a lot o'pinecones. It's like I see a glass pinecone ornament and I must buy it. I seem to forget that I have umpteen million already. So yeah, let's call it the Conifer theme. That's a good name right? Maybe call her Connie for short? No that's not a good idea, I would confuse her with my human friend Connie, so Conifer will just have to do.

The collection of candlesticks on the coffee table lasted, oh, about two days. Logan and candles just don't mix. I ended up with just the bowl of pinecones and a white poinsettia instead, much more kid friendly.

I've had a few request for a tutorial on the tree topper, I'm sorry, but it would be so hard to photograph and I don't think I'm brave enough to do a video...so here is a super duper close up:

A few other inquiries about the Noel banner, I did not use stencils but based my lettering on the 'engravers' font (it's one of my favorites).

If you have anymore questions, let me know.
Thank you for stopping by, I hope you are inspired!

In other news, I just found out I won the HomeGoods Tablescape Contest at Centsational Girl! Wee Hoo! A huge thank you to Kate and the other judges and HomeGoods, thank you so much!

Come back tomorrow for an entire tour!

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  1. That is a really beautiful Christmas tree!

  2. Stop by my blog and take a look at the tablescape that was inspired by one of yours.

  3. Stunning. If you had not shown the before pictures, I would have assumed that it was real. I am allergic to real evergreen trees, so we always have had an artificial tree.

  4. This is just so gorgeous! I love every single teeny tiny bit. Seriously.... I LOVE this room!

    Love for you to share this at our Home for the Holidays party!


  5. I love your NOEL banner, so awesome that it's hand drawn!!

    Your tree is gorgeous!

  6. Beautiful tree and that topper is gorgeous. Congratulations on your win!

  7. I just came over from Centsational Girl. Congrats on your win! Your tablescape was beautiful! And your Christmas tree is amazing. You've got a new follower!

  8. I love everything about your tree and your decor..you have impeccable taste!!! Happy Holidays!

  9. Lovely tree!

    and congratulations on winning the contest~ your tablescape was very beautiful!

  10. Hi Michelle, congratulations! We love your tablescape. Who'd have thought that a plaid, camping blanket could be an inspiration piece?! You're super creative. Merry Christmas from HomeGoods

  11. Your tree is really lovely and I always think your mantels are some of the very best out there!! Never get tired of seeing your photos.

  12. That was pretty lovely. I like your Christmas tree decorating ideas here and the ornaments, so dreamy and crafty. Thanks for sharing those beautiful photos of your holiday!~


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