Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Blue Willow Tablescape

Can you believe that Christmas is this weekend? Time flys by so fast! This will probably be my last tablescape for Christmas, so I hope you draw lots of inspiration.

I have ALWAYS wanted to do a tablescape like this forever and and a day and finally, I decided to do it. Why not? I had the fresh greens from a party I decorated for and the faux fruit is from my arsenal of supplies.This is such a classic look and really, you can't go wrong with fresh greens and fruit and Johnson Brothers blue willow dishes. This will especially appeal to all you southern ladies. :) I wanted to use some magnolia leaves too, but my table just isn't big enough. Had I been working with my table outside, you bet your bottom I would have. The weather here has been so cold (and now rainy) indoors I had to stay

I borrowed part of my MIL's collection and mixed it with my everyday Gibson dishes. Simple glassware and contemporary flatware.

For the centerpieces, I used traditional glass hurricanes (the same that I used at the party), white candles, faux fruit, red berries and fresh mixed pines.

I don't own any blue willow, but I do appreciate the style and history of it. I really do like the oriental landscape depicted on each piece.

I didn't use any place mats, but kept on my linen table runner. It's official, you have to make one, I haven't taken it off since I did. :)

The fruit looks really real, doesn't it?

I also used the gold magnolia pods that I painted for the party too. I'm trying to come up with a clever craft to create with them.

I added some black and white striped ribbon to really keep it interesting. Plus it speaks back to the black and white in the adjacent kitchen.

I think this look would look great for a buffet table too. Can you just see loads of food all around for Christmas dinner?

Thank you so much for stopping by to see a Southern Blue Willow Tablescape. I hope you are inspired!

I will not be posting again until after Christmas....I hope each and everyone of you have a fantastic and joyous Christmas Day! I will talk to you soon.

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  1. Beautiful table setting! Love it all Merry Christmas!

  2. I have really enjoyed "stalking" your blog, you have a beautiful home and so many great, affordable, do-able ideas.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  3. A very pretty table -- love the real greens and of course, anything blue and white -- sigh!

  4. Hello

    Just wanted to let you know that your designs are being featured as of late over at Houzz! I was happy to add two of your photos to a recente featured ideabook and hope you will upload more -- your creations are beautiful!

    ~Amy Renea

  5. Wow. Wow. Wow!!!! It is glorious! The fruit looks 100% real and the black and white just adds the extra touch that you do so well! Merry Christmas!!

  6. This looks like a Pottery Barn cover! Excellent job! Your runner is perfect, and I was marveling at using all that fresh fruit, until I read your comments! :)

  7. Very pretty, and I'm not even a southern lady! : ) the fruit really does look real, you'll have to tell if people touch it and ask? Looks great, enjoy!

  8. Nothing like the real thing (the greens!)so that everything faux looks more real. Are those lemon slices fake too? I love your runner because it's so big. Did you make it? You're right, I need one too. Merry Christmas!

    Robin Flies South

  9. Love this! You're right, it has lots of Southern appeal! It looks very fresh and modern, too.

  10. Ooohh--I love this. The fruit looks real---placement of those gorgeous glass candles just perfect. Transferware always makes me happy on the table too. Merry Christmas!

  11. Hi Michele! Your table is stunning! The centerpiece looks like it popped out of a magazine! It's beautiful! Love the lemons poked down into the hurricanes! So pretty. Merry Christmas and be a sweetie,
    shelia ;)

  12. I love your tablescape! So very pretty!

  13. Hi, Michelle! It really appeals to us Midwestern gals, too!!! I love the look!!! It is so classic and so Southern...beautiful!!! You did an absolutely fantastic job with the centerpiece, and the fruit looks 100% realistic! I like the addition of the black & white striped ribbon. It really adds something to the arrangement. Beautifully done!!! Merry Christmas to you!!! I hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend!!!

  14. This is quite beautiful. Love your faux fruit---it sure fooled me! THis is a lovely combination.

  15. So refreshing, beautiful as always! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas with your family. Thank you for always inspiring and sharing your God given talent with us.

  16. Such a Simple yet Beautiful Table. Lovely absolutely lovely. Love your greens and fruit and I too love the blue.

  17. WOW! What a year it's been and yes! Christmas is this weekend (like tomorrow night!!) And you've create yet another fantabulous tablescape! LOVE the fresh fruits & greens!

    Seasons Greetings Michelle and Best Wishes for a healthy, happy and safe NEW year!!

    xo Lynda

  18. I must have one of those lovely linen table runners!!! Where?? How?? Do you?? I see you are out until after Christmas... could you let me know where to find one after the holiday has passed? It is just what I've been looking for!

    Thank you and merriest Christmas!!!

  19. Michelle, this is certainly the look I want to recreate at my sister in law's Christmas Day. Love how this looks. I too have not removed my burlap runner since I made it Last January?.. it's certainly been a long while. Love your table.. mixing he blue willow with your white certainly was a brilliant idea. Love love this table.. wishing you a very merry Christmas! xo marlis

  20. Michelle...this is beautiful. I am simply in love with your tablescapes! Thank you for stopping by earlier over at 21 Rosemary Lane and leaving your lovely is very much appreciated especially coming from a "Tablescape" queen like yourself.

    Merry Christmas!


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