Friday, December 2, 2011

Gingerbread Man {A Tutorial}

Here is a fun craft that you can do to hang on a tree or decorate a package with....really the possibilites are endless, let's get started!

If you would like to create the felt poinsettias that you see here on the wreath, check out the tutorial HERE!

If you are feeling crafty, here is what you'll need:
Wooden Gingerbread Men
(Which I will abbreviate GM, because I'm too lazy to spell it out anymore)
Craft Paint in Golden Brown, light pink and Burnt Umber
Fabric 'Slick' Writers in black and white
Sparkle Mod Podge
New pencil (with non-used eraser)
Paint brushes
Clothes pin (and hot glue gun to glue it on)

You can find GM in the unfinished wood area of any craft store, but I like the shape of the one from Hobby Lobby the best. They come in a pack of three for around a dollar.

You'll begin by giving the GM about three coats of golden brown paint and let dry. You'll want to do both sides and the edges too, so it looks nice and neat.

Next, you want to give the GM a 'cookie' look with a gnarly brush and burnt umber paint....just around the edges.

Once it's dry, use the unused eraser end of a pencil and dip into light pink paint and give that GM some rosy cheeks. That wasn't a run-on sentence was it?

Let dry.

Slick writers I get at Wal-mart. They have them over where you get stuff to make your own t-shirt area. It's for fabric, but it works fine with this too and dries with a raised surface, which is great for a 'frosting' look.
With the white slick writer, give him some frosting and use the black for his eyes and mouth. You have to kinda have a steady hand, but the tubes are pretty easy to use. Of course you can personalize the face however you'd like too...I like mine a little cock-eyed. :)
Let everything dry and glue on some buttons or beads.

Glue the clothes pin on the back. This makes it super easy to clip any where...stockings, trees, gifts, etc.

Finally, completely cover the GM with sparkle Mod Podge. It seals it and gives it the twinkle effect you know I love!

Once it is dry, he is ready to clip anywhere and everywhere. I've been making these for years and even do them made out of burlap. I think they are so cute!

They look cute pinched on a wreath too! I hope you are inspired to give this a try! If you don't like the whimsy look, I think it would look cute with a prim look too.

Have a GREAT weekend!


  1. So cute! Thanks for sharing! My son and I will have to make these :-)

  2. Wow! You are a Christmas crafting genius! So glad I found your project via Centsational Girl.

    Please stop by for a visit to my blog. I am currently in the midst of a Gifts to Make series.

    Be Merry and Bright!

  3. Pauline, Pretty neat. definitely will try.

  4. Darling. On my "gotta make" list.

  5. Just found this tutorial via all free Christmas crafts. LOVE it! Definitely on my to do list! :)


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