Saturday, February 11, 2012

Mister Bluebird On My...

I was so excited when I noticed some action around the bird feeder. I put it in a spot that I could keep an eye on (in passing) and this blue jay caught my eye!!! Blue jays are pretty common in this area but I was happy to see them during winter (there were 2).
I wasn't sure if any birds would actually use the feeder (right now), it has been so cold and dismal.

 For some reason, I imagined several little dainty birds circling the dish, like animals on a carousel, not this big guy! Of course it doesn't matter, he is sitting on the edge, which is what I was hoping.
Then he proceeds to kick some seed out...
He didn't stay very long, he kept eye-balling me
I'm so happy the feeder is going to work! 

I never thought I would be this excited about a dang bird. Please don't think I'm a goober.

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  1. That is too cute! Love the bird feeder and your beautiful pics!
    ~ Jamie

  2. i have a feeder outside my window where i sit when on pc.....i just love watching the birds even the squirrels are funny....where did you find your b-feeder?

  3. Thank you Jamie. Chris, I made the bird feeder out of a candy dish, lamp base, and candleholder, which I posted about yesterday (hence my excitement:)

  4. You're not a goober ;-) The pictures are adorable! Love your fun bird feeder.

  5. I put up a couple of bird feeders this winter. I'd be thrilled to see some bluejays there!

  6. what a great idea to upcycle and old dish

  7. That is the cutest bird feeder! I love blue jays. They have all the colors of the sky.


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