Friday, February 10, 2012

DIY Tiered Stands (3 Ways)

Happy Friday! I promised I'd show you some other projects that I made along with the Jewelry Stand, and here they are. I made a fairly large one, a small one and a bird feeder. These projects have been really fun and actually addicting, I was searching high and low for things to glue together! :) I did stop at the four projects however, because I want to make sure they are durable with normal everyday use. I can see making some for sale too.
Have you noticed my fun 'pinable' pictures? With Picnik closing in April, I'm having fun taking advantage of the premium effects while I can.

Anyway, back to the projects. All you will need is E6000, vintage (or new) dishes, lamp parts and even candle holders. For the biggest one, I used a salad plate, a candle holder, a dinner plate, and the base of a lamp I took apart. And of course, because I can always stand more aqua in my life, I sprayed the candle holder with Krylon's Blue Ocean Breeze and the base with with Valspar's Exotic Sea. I let them dry overnight and glued everything together.

Here you can see exactly what I used.

Is this too confusing??? I hope not!!

Cuties and bananas are living one the big one right now. Cuties are so easy to peel aren't they?

I really like the small one too, made with milk glass and lamp parts. Little mini cupcakes fit case you are wondering, I did not make the cupcakes, I picked them up at Walmart. I don't suspect they will last long with the boys around.

Ok, the final project, the bird feeder. Everything I used for this happened to be chipped, otherwise, I would have never given up my candy dish. The final piece of the milk glass lamp was chipped too, and the candle holder had to be glued back together....needless to say, if this one doesn't hold up, everything was broken anyway. Doesn't it look like a little carousel or something?

It's so cold here right now, that I haven't seen any birds feeding yet....but hopefully they will. If I can get a photo of that happening, I will certainly share!

I hope you are inspired to start gluing stuff together! I know I was, thanks Layla!


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  1. You always have the best ideas and inspiration. I love the one that looks like the carousel (and yes, it does...) the best.

  2. What kind of glue did you use?

  3. Another great project - you have the best ideas!! I really look forward to your posts.

  4. Wow! What a great job! I love the soft blue you used. What kind of candle stick did you use? I need to try this out. Thanks for sharing this idea.

  5. Thanks everyone!
    Peggy, I used thrifted wooden candle holders that I spray painted.

  6. That candy dish is sweet!!! I'm going to make one. I am having a Tiered Display link party at my website Homa Style starting Wednesday, August 29, at 8 am {Arizona time}. I would love to see your candy dish at the party. Here’s the link to the party


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