Monday, September 10, 2012

Mary Carol Garitty's Home Tour

Have you been to Atchison Kansas? Not only is Atchison the birthplace of Amelia Earhart, it is also where Mary Carol Garrity resides. On Saturday, my MIL and I got up super early, jumped in the car and drove three and a half hours to Mary Carol's Home Tour and Fall Open House. Was it worth it? In a word: Yes! She lives in a lovely Greek Revival home nestle in a neighborhood not very far from her stores. Get ready for some inspiration! This is the entrance:

I really liked the metal orbs on the urns
The tour only included the down stairs, but that is ok, there was plenty of beauty to absorb on the first floor. This is the sitting room. Plenty of places to sit, talk and know, if I lived there.
This table and plant acted as a divider for the two conversation areas in this long narrow room.
Sideboard behind one of the sofas
In the next seating group, this large painting commanded your attention above the sofa. And on the sofa, love the Greek key pillows
The ottoman that I can only assume is covered in an antique rug, probably turkish, really added a lot of character to the area.
The fireplace at the end of the room. Another fantastic painting.

The whole room. Gorg.

The next room you enter is the dining room. The walls are painted a deep navy, but because of the wainscoting, it's not too dark at all.
This vignette on a marble top sideboard was simple and beautiful, and of course with this large floral which I couldn't help but love.
Another buffet in the back of the room, in this picture, you can really appreciate the color of the wall, along with another beautiful vignette.
In the breakfast room, beautiful built-ins full of silver, dishware and glassware
Into the kitchen, which was not very large at all, but functional all the same.
Outside in the back yard, a tablescape with a large urn and floral

Side view of the portico
Just lovely.
Mary Carol was nice enough to stand with me for a photo...which of course is now my Facebook profile picture. :)  Please! Don't judge how bad I look! I've never been photogenic. 

Well, I was certainly inspired, how about you? We shopped for the rest of the day at Nell Hill's and Garrity's so plan to get even more inspiration! I'll be showing you those pictures soon! 

P.S. The winner of the candle from Goose Creek Candle Co. is:
Cassandra! Email me!



  1. Michelle, this was a great tour! The home was beautiful. There are so many great ideas!! Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. Glad to see you out and about! Thanks for the tour. I love to decorate for fall.

  3. Wow Michelle, these pictures were amazing! I especially enjoyed all of the floral arrangements with branches and leaves! Can't wait to try to incorporate some of these inspiring pictures into my fall decorating:)

  4. Such a beautiful home. Thanks
    so much for sharing your tour!

  5. Thank you for the lovely post-what a beautiful home! I LOVED the rug covered ottoman!

  6. I've always intended to go to Mary Carol's open house, and I wish that I'd had my act together this year...because I might have met you there! Well, rats! I do have a good reason though...our first granddaughter is due tomorrow, if she chooses to make her appearance. Great photos. Thanks for taking us along on the tour. Cherry Kay

  7. How neat!! Thank you for sharing! Glad to see you're out and about and feeling great! :)

  8. THANK YOU so much for this tour. I live in Pa. so will never get to her Open House and every year wish I could. I love every bit of her house. The floral displays are fabulous, (I am a floral designer so appreciate them especially). Mary Carol just seems like SUCH a nice person. Thanks again for sharing. XO, Pinky

  9. Beautiful home. Glad you were able to enjoy the day with your MIL.

  10. Loved this post! Oh how fun and amazing to get to tour Mary Carol's house! I love love love her Christmas book from a few years back.....I will be watching for the follow-up Christmas pictures post. I bet you had a wonderful time with your MIL - so fun to get to get a chance to experience it through your pictures. Thanks!!
    P.S. I love your striped tee and your scarf together :) very very chic!!

  11. Michelle,

    Gorgeous!!! Thanks for sharing beauty that others can create. You are beautiful. And there you are out there going on and on. Now that is beauty my dear girl. Keep on going.

    jacque sears

  12. Yay! I have been there and did the tour a couple years ago. So great to see you posting what was on the tour this year. Isn't she so nice?
    Lots of great ideas. God bless!

  13. I was so excited to find these pictures as I haven't gotten to go to Mary Carols for the last few years.
    She is one of the sweetest persons I have ever met. Thank You so much for sharing the Love. God
    Bless You


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